Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my research. I am always looking for talented, highly motivated and independent graduate students. A solid mathematical background is strongly recommended. If you believe you have a unique set of skills and you are interested in joining my group, please send me an e-mail.

  1. (a)Highlighting a respectable publication of yours in terms of its relevance and intellectual merit,

  2. (b)commenting on a publication of mine that you find interesting and providing suggestions for improvement,

  3. (c)or using as a reference a colleague of mine that I may know personally or from their work,

will definitely catch my attention. It is also important that you keep your e-mails short, concise, in text format and with external links or attachments for more information.


Reza Khodayi mehr, Ph.D. graduate student, ME.
Negatu Asmamau, Undergraduate student (Pratt Fellow), ECE.
Kevin Nikolaus, Undergraduate student (Pratt Fellow), ME.
Ioannis Kantaros, Ph.D. graduate student, ME.
Alex Zhu, Undergraduate student (Pratt Fellow), ECE.
Challen Herzberg-Brovold, Undergraduate student (Pratt Fellow), ME.
Davis Bolster, Undergraduate student, ME.
Nicholas Albertson, Undergraduate student, ME.
Charles Freundlich, Ph.D. graduate student, ME.
Nikolaos Chatzipanagiotis, Ph.D. graduate student, ME.


Miguel Aranda, Ph.D. visiting student, University of Zaragoza.
Gregory Fricke, Ph.D. graduate student, ME. (advisor: Devendra Garg)
Caleb Boothe, Undergraduate student, ME.

Michael M. Zavlanos

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science


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