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Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my research. I am always looking for talented, highly motivated and independent graduate students. A solid mathematical background is strongly recommended. If you believe you have a unique set of skills and you are interested in joining my group, please send me an e-mail.

(a) Highlighting a respectable publication of yours in terms of its relevance and intellectual merit,
(b) commenting on a publication of mine that you find interesting and providing suggestions for improvement,
(c) or using as a reference a colleague of mine that I may know personally or from their work,

will definitely catch my attention. It is also important that you keep your e-mails short, concise, in text format and with external links or attachments for more information.

Michael M. Zavlanos
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Michael M. Zavlanos    |    Last Update 09.06.2018


Graduate & Postdoctoral

Davood Hajinezhad
Yiannis Kantaros

Yuankai Zhu
Yihui Feng
Fangyan Shen
Litao Qiu
Qitong Gao
Zhaoyun Xiong
Meng Guo
Wann-Jiun Ma
Soomin Lee
Nithesh Reddy Nelvoy
Charles Freundlich
Miguel Aranda
Gregory Fricke
Nikolaos Chatzipanagiotis


Nikhil Vanderklaauw
Jihane Bettahi
Thomas Monson
Chanwook Oh
Yang Liu
Visrut Sudhakar
Addison Howenstine
Anna Miyajima
Parker Hao
Qian Wang
Alexander Ching
Tayyab Wasim
Tosin Omofoye
Negatu Asmamau
Kevin Nikolaus
Nicholas Albertson
Alex Zhu
Challen Herzberg-Brovold
Davis Bolster


Postdoctoral Researcher, ME (Now: Machine Learning Developer, SAS Institute, Inc., Cary, NC)
Ph.D. Graduate Student, ME, 2013-2018 (Now: Postdoctoral Researcher, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA)
M.S. Graduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
M.S. Graduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
M.S. Graduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
M.S. Graduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
M.S. Graduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
M.S. Graduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
Postdoctoral Researcher, ME, 2016-2017 (Now: Research Scientist, Bosch, Stuttgart, Germany)
Postdoctoral Researcher, ME, 2015-2017 (Now: Data Scientist, Citicorp Credit Services, Wilmington, DE)
Postdoctoral Researcher, ME, 2014-2016 (Now: Research Scientist, Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA)
M.S. Graduate Student, ECE, 2014-2015
Ph.D. Graduate Student, ME, 2013-2016 (Now: Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Autom., Tesla, Palo Alto, CA)
Ph.D. Visiting Student, DIIS, University of Zaragoza, 2013
Ph.D. Visiting Student, ME, Duke University, 2013-2014
Ph.D. Graduate Student, ME, 2010-2015 (Now: Research Scientist, Amazon Inc., Seattle, WA)


Undergraduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ECE, 2017-2018
Undergraduate Student, ME, 2017-2018
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ECE, 2016-2017
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ME, 2016-2017
Undergraduate Student, UNC Chapel Hill, CS, 2016-2017
Undergraduate Student, ECE, 2016-2017
Undergraduate Student, CS, 2016
Undergraduate Student, ECE, 2016
Undergraduate Student, ECE, 2015-2016
Undergraduate Student, ME, 2015-2016
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ECE, 2015-2016
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ME, 2015-2016
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ECE, 2014-2015
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ME, 2014-2015
Undergraduate Student, ME, 2013-2014
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ECE, 2013-2014
Undergraduate Student (Pratt Fellow), ME, 2013-2014
Undergraduate Student, ME, 2013-2014