Oct 2013. NSF grant on optimal communication for fast network coordination. (Abstract)

Jul 2013. NSF grant on controlling teams of mobile microrobots for advanced manufacturing applications. (Abstract)

Mar 2013. NSF grant on controlling teams of autonomous mobile beamformers. (Abstract)

Nov 2012. Charles Freundlich defends his MS thesis.

Aug 2012. NSF MRI grant for the acquisition of a large volume, high resolution, motion capture system. (Abstract)

Jul 2011. Ped-Aware senior project appears in Traffic Technology International. (Article)

Mar 2011. 2010-2011 Provost Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in research and scholarship. Stevens Institute of Technology.

Feb 2011. NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award. (Abstract)

Nov 2007. Invited poster as one of the best performers in the DREAM2 Challenge. (Paper)

Dec 2006. Finalist, Best Student Paper Award at CDC 2006. (Paper)

Apr 2005. Award of Academic Excellence in Engineering Sciences for the academic year 2001 - 2002 (Best Diploma Thesis). Awarded by the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Michael M. Zavlanos

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science


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