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Michael M. Zavlanos
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Michael M. Zavlanos    |    Last Update 09.06.2018


Refereed Book Chapters

B3. Connectivity of Dynamic Graphs. M. M. Zavlanos and G. J. Pappas, Encyclopedia of Systems and Control, T. Samad and J. Baillieul, Eds., Springer-Verlag London, 2015, pp. 317-323.

B2. Maintaining Connectivity in Mobile Robot Networks. N. Michael, M. M. Zavlanos, V. Kumar, and G. J. Pappas. Experimental Robotics, ser. Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, O. Khatib, V. Kumar, and G. J. Pappas, Eds., Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009, Vol. 54, pp. 117-126.

B1. Distributed Hybrid Control for Multiple Pursuer Multiple Evader Games. M. M. Zavlanos and G. J. Pappas. Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, ser. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, A. Bemporad, A. Bicchi, and G. Buttazzo, Eds., Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2007, Vol. 4416, pp. 787-789.