Apps for Transmission Genetics and Evolution

Available for:
iOS (iPhone) -- free
iOS HD (iPad) -- $3.99
Android -- free
(Android app can be run on PC)


Problem solver! Helps students solve problems involving genetic cross mapping with three genes from a test cross, testing for Hardy Weinberg with genotype numbers, estimating heritability from Breeder's equation, and estimating population growth.

Problem generator! Generate an infinite number practice problems (and their answer) from all categories above to practice! (Very helpful for teachers making tests, too!)

Genetic cross simulator! Simulate Mendelian crosses with peas (or others) for 1-2 traits to identify expected offspring proportions. Includes option for sex-linkage.

Evolutionary simulator! Simulate changes in allele frequencies with natural selection, genetic drift, inbreeding, and any combination thereof.

Vocabulary tester! Test yourself on many of the terms used in basic transmission genetics.


ADDED FEATURES IN HD APP: see video tutorial

Pedigree analyzer! Students are given a pedigree and must infer possible modes of inheritance and genotypes of all individuals within it.

Test yourself mode in Genetic cross simulator! Student is given samples of unknown genotype and must cross them to determine their genotype.

More features in problem generator & solver! In addition to basic problems above, includes also problems testing for genetic associations in population data, testing different types of natural selection, etc. Also includes chi-square values for earlier tests.

More features in Evolution simulator! Includes various presets as well as numerical reporting of generation-by-generation changes in allele and genotype frequencies.

... and much more throughout including expanding the Genetic cross simulator to 3 traits, redesigning to fit on iPad, etc. Highly recommended!


Video instructions for installation and use of Android app on PC with BlueStacks. You may download the Android app from this link.
Mac users-- the app does not work on Mac Bluestacks, but you can try other emulators.

Brief manual available by clicking this link
and sample activities available by clicking this link.


Original iOS app (version 1.0) designed by Brandon Millman. Upgrades to iOS app and all of HD app designed by Russell Myers. Translation of iOS app to Android platform by Jonathan Tseng and Alex Dao.