Orlin Vakarelov


I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at Duke University. I am also an afiliated faculty at Information Science + Information Studies




My philosophical research is in the philosophy of cognitive science, pragmatic epistemology and general philosophy of science.

My work is in the foundations of cognitive science investigates the relationship between computational, information-based and dynamical approaches to cognition. In pragmatic epistemology I am looking for a normative analysis of representation and modeling in agents interacting with the environment. In the philosophy of science I investigate scientific theorizing as a cognitive practice driven by the normative principles of pragmatic epistemology.

In addition to my core research, I am involved in collaborative multidisciplinary research both within philosophy and with external disciplines. Within philosophy, I am investigating how understating of modeling and design can inform theorizing in political philosophy, especially the use of ideal theories for questions of institutional design. Outside of philosophy, I investigate how understating of cognition can illuminate the informational relations between people and government and how this should affect public policy. In relation I am a co-leader of a multidisciplinary research group the Future of the Information Society Research Group (FiSoC.ord)

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Our current Bass Connections project is: Public Access to Government Information


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