I study animal behavior using tools from biomechanics and physiology.

Some of my interests include:
1. How animals resolve contests
2. Enlarged animal structures - animal "weapons"
3. Animal communication, signaling, and perception

Latest News

January 2017 - I just returned from the 2017 Society for Integrative and Comparative (SICB) Conference in New Orleans! Got some great feedback on my work on competitive assessment and made new connections.

January 2017 - SciREN, the outreach non-profit which I help run, was covered in a recent article of Coastwatch, the publication of NC SeaGrant! Read the article here.

August 2016 - I just returned from the 2016 Animal Behavior Society Conference in Columbia, Missouri! I had a great time presenting about my work on contest resolution in mantis shrimp, talking about other interests in communication and perception (see the research page for descriptions of these projects), and interacting with an amazing group of faculty, post-docs and students!

August 2016 - I've been hired as a part-time Research Assistant to work this fall with the Nowicki Lab on a project testing categorical perception! I'll be working with Eleanor Caves to test if Zebra finches perceive carotenoid-based coloration via categorical perception.

June 2016 - I was part of group awarded a Duke Support for Interdisciplinary Graduate Networks Grant! We are creating a network of STEM graduate students and Masters of Arts in Teaching students to collaboratively design STEM K-12 lesson plans!

Press Release

October 2015 - A project I worked on while at the Friday Harbor Labs was published in Marine Biology! Check out the Publications page.

September 2015 - My first dissertation chapter was published in Biology Letters! Find it on the Publications page.