Integrative organismal biology: behavior, biomechanics, physiology.

My interests include:
1. Assessment and decision making across contexts.
2. Animal communication, signaling, and perception.

Latest News

September 2018 - I took on a role as the Graduate Student Representative for the Animal Behavior Society! Excited to contribute to a society that has supported me for several years!

August 2018 - Our paper on categorical perception of color signals in zebra finches is out in Nature! More links at the publications page.

July 2018 - I presented at the International Society for Research on Aggression 2018 meeting in Paris! I learned a lot about connections between human and non-human animal aggression as part of the Young Investigator group.

June 2018 - New paper out with Eleanor Caves! Mutual visual signaling between cleaner shrimp and client fish, using network analysis techniques. Link.

April 2018 - I returned from a research trip to Guam! Incredible diversity of mantis shrimp and some cool ecology! I also gave a talk at the University of Guam Marine Lab.

March 2018 - I defended my dissertation thesis! I'm very excited to be a doctor and looking forward to a postdoc year in the Nowicki Lab at Duke.

February 2018 - I received a Duke Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring! I'm grateful for the recognition and very appreciative of those who supported my nomination, especially Rachel Cohn (whose cool research can be found on the research page). More info about the award here.