I study animal behavior using tools from biomechanics and physiology.

Some of my interests include:
1. How animals resolve contests
2. Enlarged animal structures - animal "weapons"
3. Animal communication, signaling, and perception

Latest News

March 2018 - I defended my dissertation thesis! I'm very excited to be a doctor and looking forward to a postdoc year in the Nowicki Lab at Duke.

February 2018 - I received a Duke Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring! I'm grateful for the recognition and very appreciative of those who supported my nomination, especially Rachel Cohn (whose cool research can be found on the research page). More info about the award here.

January 2018 - My recent work on contest behavior in mantis shrimp is out in Proc B! We show how mantis shrimp use mutual assessment to resolve contests and we detail new behavioral sequence analysis techniques. Find the paper at the publications page!

January 2018 - I gave a talk about the third chapter of my dissertation research at the 2018 SICB conference! Yet another fun year at SICB!

November 2017 - I talked about my dissertation research with the Wake Forest EEB Lunch group! It was great to talk with such a diverse and interested group of students!