Best wishes to our postdoc Kun, who will soon start his independent acadamic career in Wuhan!

Seoyoung's work on LiZnEt2(TMP)-mediated aryne formation now at Tetrahedron online - congrats!

Junu's work on 15N-tetrazine and bioorthogonal reaction–promoted hyperpolarization tagging strategy is now online at Science Advance and is featured on Duke Research Blog! Congrats to Junu and the team!


Group holiday party on Feb 24, 2018 – a wonderful occasion to celebrate together for a great year and to welcome our new group members!

Chuan's chemistry on "Alkenylation of sp3 C–H Bonds by Zincation/Cross-Coupling with Iodonium Salts" is now accepted for publication on Angew. Chem.!


Welcome our new postdoc Dr. Chengming Wang to the group!

The first-year students Colton, Yung, Hyejin and Shawn joined the group - Welcome!!



Congrats to Kun on his alkene aminoalkynylation work published at Chem. Sci.!

Our aminofluorination chemistry for 18F-radiolabeling now published in Synlett. Congrats to the team on a great job!


Congrats to Kun on his nice work "Copper-Catalyzed Alkene Aminoazidation as a Rapid Entry to 1,2-Diamines and Installation of an Azide Reporter onto Azahetereocycles" - it is online now in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

Junu presented his latest work on hyperpolarized magnetic resonance (HP-MR) at the 254th ACS National meeting in Washington, DC!

Best wishes to Chuck and Chuan on starting new positions in U Penn and Chengdu!


Congrats to Chuck, Katie, and Seoyoung on their amination work "Site-Selective Copper-Catalyzed Amination and Azidation of Arenes and Heteroarenes via Deprotonative Zincation" published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

Welcome Colton to join the group for summer research.


Congrats to Kun, Junu, and Jerry again on another nice work "diazirine as a molecular tag for hyperpolarization NMR and MRI" accepted for publication on Angew Chem and selected as Very Important Paper! Congrats to all on the diazirine team!


Congrats to Kun, Junu, and Jerry on publishing the work with our collaborators "Direct Hyperpolarization of Nitrogen-15 in Aqueous Media with Parahydrogen in Reversible Exchange" in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

Our recent work on 3-amidation of indoles is highlighted in Synfacts and Org. Process Res. Dev.!

Congrats to Brett and Junu on receiving the GAANN fellowship for Fall 2017–Spring 2018!

Congrats to Andy Chen on receiving the Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship!

Congratulate Seoyoung on passing her prelim exam and becoming a Ph.D. candidate!


Congratulations to Chuck on successful thesis defense! To Dr. Hendrick, the #3 Ph.D. of the Wang Group!

Congratulations to Jerry and Brett - their paper on "3-Amidation of Indoles Using Electrophilic N-[(Benzenesulfonyl)oxy]amides" now published on Org. Lett.!

An article with our collaborators on "Generalizing, Extending, and Maximizing Nitrogen-15 Hyperpolarization Induced by Parahydrogen in Reversible Exchange" is published as the cover article on JPCC!


Duke undergraduate Andy Chen joins the Wang lab for research - welcome!

Congratulations to Chuck on publishing J. Org. Chem. Synopsis!

The group received a new R01 grant - we thank NIH/NIGMS for supporting our research!



We thank Duke Cancer Institute for supporting our research!

Congrats to Katie on the GAANN fellowship!

Group holiday party on Dec 17, 2016!


Congrats to Dr. Liu and Dr. McDonald!

Chuan's work on "arylation, vinylation, and alkynylation of arenes using iodonium salts" published on Org. Lett.!

Stacey's thesis is published in Springer Theses Series to recognize her outstanding Ph.D. research in the Wang group at Duke!


Brett delivered an oral presentation at the 252nd ACS National meeting in Philadelphia. Good job!

More good news from our former undergraduate and high school students - congrats to you all and best wishes!!

Barbara and Stephanie start the medical school at Washington University and UNC, respectively!

Bora starts her graduate school at Harvard University!

Katherine Yang starts her college at MIT!


Jerry successfully defended his Ph.D thesis – congratulate Dr. Ortiz, the #2 Ph.D. of the Wang Group!

Congratulate Brett on receiving the Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for Spring 2017!

Congratulate Katie on receiving the Pelham Wilder Teaching Award!

Our paper on amino lactonization and alkene aminooxygenation is highlighted in Synfact.


Congratulations to Junu and Brett!

Junu received the GAANN fellowship!

Brett recieved the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Travel Award to attend the upcoming ACS meeting!


Qiu received the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award!

Congratulations and farewell to our undergraduate Jeffery Cornelison on his graduation! Jeff is among the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Awardees 2016. He will begin his studies as a Chemistry Ph.D. student at Emory University this fall - best wishes to Jeff!

Katherine Yang, the high school student working with our group last summer, presented her work at the 2016 Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), and was featured at Duke Research Blog.


Congrats to Brett and Kun on their work of amino lactonization and alkene aminooxygenation published on J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

Congrats to Brett again on his recent Beil. J. Org. Chem. paper!

Chuck received the Shaffer-Hunnicutt Summer Research Fellowship 2016 - congrats!

Congrats to Kathy Dai on starting the Bass Program this summer!


Our work on developing novel MRI tag of 15N-diazirine is now published on Sci. Adv. Congrats to Jerry and all the co-authors! Thanks all for your hard work on this project – a great team work!

Chuck and Jerry presented their work at the 251st ACS meeting in San Diego! Also check out Jerry's photo with the 2016 Priestley Medalist Prof. El-Sayed in C&E News!

We thank the Michael J. Fox Foundation for funding the joint project on Parkinson's disease!


Qiu is selected as 2016 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow!

Congrats to Stacey - her Ph.D. thesis is awarded for publication in the book series of Springer Theses!


The first-year student Seoyoung Cho joined the group - Welcome!

Congratulations to Katherine Yang named as a semifinalist in the 2016 Intel Science Competition!



Congratulations to Katie, Dr. Chen and Kun!

Katie received the GAANN fellowship!

Chen's work on "formal insertion reaction of arynes into hydroxyindolinones" published on Org. Lett.!

Kun's work on "aminotrifluoromethylation of alkenes for a facile synthesis of CF3-containing lactams" published on Org. Chem. Front.

Group holiday party on Dec 5, 2015!


The group published the procotol of "tmpZnCl-LiCl mediated metalation and copper-catalyzed amination of aromatic C−H bonds" on Org. Synth. Congratulations to Stacey, Chuck and Katie, nice team work!


Katherine Yang, a high school student of our group, is selected and received the honor of Semi-Finalist in 2015 Siemens Competition. Congratulations!


Dr. Chuan Liu joined the group, Welcome!

Congratulate Kathy Dai on receiving the URS Grant to support her Independent Study in lab!


The group received a R21 grant - we thank NIH/NCI for the support to our research!

Congratulate Jeffery Cornelison, our undergraduate, named as 2015 Alvin Crumbliss Research Fellow!

Congratulate Chuck selected for an oral presentation at 2015 ACS DOC Graduate Research Symposium!


Kun and Chuck presented their research at 44th National Organic Chemistry Symposium!

Welcome Katherine Yang, high school student from NCSSM, to join the group for summer research!


Kun's work "copper-catalyzed diamination of unactivated alkenes with hydroxylamines" published on Chem. Sci. - Congratulations!

Congratulate Brett on receiving the Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for 2015-2016! Keep up the good work!

Kathy Dai joins the group for summer research! She is also a 2015 Howard Hughes Research Fellow. Welcome and congrats!

Congratulations and farewell to Alice, Stephanie and Dr. McDonald!

Alice graduates with BA in Chemistry with the honor of Magna cum laude!

Stephanie graduates with BS in Biology with Distinction Art and Science!

Dr. McDonald is offically granted the degree of doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry! Congrats and best wishes!

Congratulations and farewell to Barbara, Natalie and Ken, our group's former undergradaute students in Class of 2015!

Congratulate our 2nd-year graduate students on all passing their prelim exams! Katie, Brett and Junu are now officially Ph.D. candidates!


NSF CAREER award! We thank NSF for the support to our group research! Congrats to the lab!

Brett received honorable mention on his NSF GRFP application!

Jeffery is awarded Chemistry Departmental Fellowship to support his summer research!


Congratulate Dr. McDonald! Stacey successfully defended her Ph.D thesis - she is the first Ph.D. of the Wang Group!


J. Org. Chem. paper online! Congrats to Chuck on his work synthesis of ortho-haloaminoarenes by aryne insertion of nitrogen–halide bonds!

Katherine Wang, the high school student who worked with the group last summer, named as a semifinalist in the Intel Science Competition! Cheers and congrats!



Qiu is selected as Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee!

Group holiday party on Dec 6, 2014!


Our group at ACS meeting - several group members presented their research at the North Carolina ACS meeting on Nov 7. Good job!


Farewell to Dr. Chen. Best wishes to the future!

Our group at the 66th SERMACS! Graduate student Stacey presented her C-H amination chemistry and high school student Kathrine Wang presented her summer research on aripiprazole compounds!


Congratulate Stephanie and Alice on receiving URS award to support their Undergraduate Independent Study Fall semester!


Welcome Jeffery Cornelison to join the group for undergraduate research.


Synlett paper online! Congrats Stacey!

Our paper on (hetero)arene amination is highlighted as Synfact of the month!

Congrats to Chuck and Jerry - Chuck recieved a C.R. Hauser Memorial Fellowship for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Jerry received a Burroughs Wellcome and C.R. Hauser Memorial Fellowship for Spring 2015!


Welcome Katherine Wang, high school student from NCSSM, to join the group for summer research!


Congratuations and farewell to Tyler and Bora, our group former undergraduates in Class of Duke 2014! Best wishes to the future!

Our paper on alpha-amination of phosphonates and and phosphine oxides is highlighted in Synfacts.


Angewandte Chemie paper on C-H amination of heteroarenes and arenes – congrats Stacey and Chuck on their nice work!

Welcome Donovan Loh to work with the group on freshmen research course Chem81 this Spring!


Chem. Comm. paper – congrats to Stacey on her work alpha-amination of esters and amides – good job!

Group holiday party on Jan 25, 2014!



Welcome Brett, Junu, and Katie the new first-year students to join the group.

Congrats to Jerry and Bora on J. Org. Chem. article online – the synthesis of 3-azido- and 3-aminopiperidines. Good job!


Stacey's Angewandte Chemie paper accepted! Copper-catalyzed alpha-amination of phosphonates and and phosphine oxides – Congrats!

Group Thankgiving party on Nov 16!


Welcome new group members Dr. Shen, Dr. Chen, and Duke undergraduate Alice.


Welcome Stephanie and Katie to join the group for summer research.

Congrats to Jerry and Lily on recieving Burroughs Wellcome Graduate Student Fellowship this year!


Congratulate Chuck and Stacey on Org Lett paper aryne insertion of haloamines! Good job!


Congratulate Lily on her contribution to the review chapter "DOS-Derived Small-Molecule Probes in Chemical Biology" in the book "Diversity-Oriented Synthesis: Basics and Applications in Organic Synthesis, Drug Discovery, and Chemical Biology"


Our group's first paper! Congratulations to Hubert, Tyler, Barbara and Jerry on great team work! The paper is online Org Lett - An Efficient Synthesis of Fluorinated Azaheterocycles by Aminocyclization of Alkenes.

Group spring party at Stacey's lovely home!


Welcome undergraduate student Natalie Fahey! She will work with the group for independent study Spring 2013.

Welcome Jackson Eckert to work in the group for freshman research course Chem81!

Group holiday party on Jan 12, 2013!



Welcome undergraduate students Kenneth Segall and Bora Kang to join our group for research!


Congratulations to Stacey and Chuck - Stacey received the department Burroughs Wellcome Graduate Student Fellowship for 2012-2013 and Chuck receives Pharmacological Sciences Training Program award for 2012-2014.


Congratulate Barbara on receiving Howard Hughes Research Fellow Award to support her summer research!

Congratulate Tyler on receiving undergraduate Dean's Fellowship to support his summer research!


Welcome high school student Michael Zhou from NC Project SEED program to the group for summer research!


Congratulation and farewell to Hubert and Nick! Congrats our first two undergraduate students on graduation!

Hubert will go to Graduate School at Harvard University. Nick will attend Vanderbilt Medical School. Best wishes to the future!


Welcome two Duke freshmen, Germaine and Barbar! Both will work with the group for Chem81 research.

Welcome undergraduate student Tyler Lacy to the group for independent study Spring 2012.


Our first four graduate students! Stacey, Chuck, Jerry, and Lily joined the lab!

The first group holiday party on Jan 21, 2012!



Undergraduate student Hubert Huang joined the lab! Welcome our second group member!

Undergraduate student Nick Shelburne joined the lab as the first memeber of the group, Welcome!


The Wang lab started at Duke Chemistry!


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