Economics, Statistics, and Forecasting Resources on the Web


Electronic stats textbook from Statsoft (makers of Statistica)
On-line stats textbook by David Garson at N.C. State

Links to data sources on the web:

Campbell Harvey's finance links (lots of international connections)
ECON-DATALINKS web site (links to U.S. and international data)
ECONDATA quick links page
Statistics Resources on the Web, University of Michigan
Resources for Economists on the Internet, Bill Goffe, University of Southern Mississippi
Financial Data Finder, Ohio State University
FINWEB Financial Economics Site
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicage--Economic Research and Data Links
U.S. International Trade Commission--international trade statistics
U.S. International Trade Commission--external resources

Public data services:

Commerce Department "Stat-USA" site
The Conference Board--business cycle indicator data and methodology
Bureau of Labor Statistics--employment and price data
Census Bureau Data Access Page--demographic data, interactive maps
Census Bureau--1992 Economic Census by SIC code
Census Bureau--latest economic indicator
Census Bureau--download page for X12 seasonal adjustment program & documentation
FRED--Federal Reserve Economic Data from FRB St. Louis (LOTS of data)
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis--economic updates (interest rates)
EDGAR Database, Securities and Exchange Commission (10K's etc.)
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS)
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
NBER Official Business Cycle Dates
Office of Management and Budget (Economic Report of the President)

Betting markets

Iowa Electronic Markets:  political and economic indicator markets  sports betting markets

Financial news services and commercial data services:

CNNfn Home Page CNNfn Markets
Stockmaster stock and mutual fund charts (charts are free, download for a fee) home page
Ibbotson Associates
Dismal Scientist

Academic web sites:

Campbell Harvey's web site
Forecasting principles site (J. Scott Armstrong)
Topics in statistical data analysis: revealing facts from data (Hossein Arsham)
Dazzle:  the data and story library (CMU)
Statlib datasets archive
Institute of Business Forecasting


Statgraphics web site
Forecast Pro web site
Forecasting software survey, ORMS Today, 2004
SAS/ETS User's Guide:  Forecasting Process Details

Other essential reading:

"Cracking Wall Street" article from Wired magazine
Economist Jokes
Last updated March 16, 2005