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Robert G. Carter
804 Sanderson Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27704
(919) 479-3186



BSEE, Duke University, Durham, NC
Emphasis in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Coursework included Compiler Construction, Artificial Intelligence, Numerical Methods, Computer Architectures, Microprocessor Architectures, Fault Testable and Fault Tolerant Design Methods, Digital Systems.


1/97 - present
Systems Project Manager, Duke University Office of Information Technology, Systems Administration, Durham, NC. Provide line and project management for group of 13 Unix, NT, and Novell systems administrators with responsibility for all facets of institution-wide computing services not provided through the University's MVS enterprise host. Act as lead system programmer and lead system administrator for a multi-vendor Unix system supporting more than 31,000 users with over 50 secured file, compute, and miscellaneous servers and over 120 workstations. Responsibilities include those of my previous Senior System Administrator position as well as personnel management, project management, intra- and inter-departmental coordination and communication, and mid- and long-range systems planning. Current projects include migration of 30,000+ mailboxes from IMAP2bis- to fully Kerberized Cyrus/IMAP4-based electronic postoffices, development and deployment of institutional Kerberos authentication/Single Sign On system, development of LDAP-based institutional electronic directory and authorization service, and development and deployment of fully-secured institutional web-based services.
7/91 - 1/97
Senior System Administrator, Duke University Center for Academic Computing, Durham, NC. Acted as lead system programmer and lead system administrator in a three-person group (growing to six persons) managing multi-vendor Unix system supporting 20,000 students, staff, and faculty. Performed installation, configuration, maintenance, support and operation of 120 workstations and 13 secured fileservers and compute servers. Presided over and participated extensively in integration of AFS and Kerberos authenticated applications. Managed initial design, funding, and early implementation of campus-wide electronic mail initiative. Designed, ported and debugged software for Ultrix, Irix, SunOS, and Solaris platforms; provided general Unix support to system administrators on campus and to end-users; wrote and maintained end-user documentation; supervised students and hourly employees; participated in interview and hiring process for seven new staff members; worked closely with upper-level management to accomplish strategic planning for campus-wide systems.
5/87 - 7/91
User Services Specialist, Duke University Center for Academic Computing, Durham, NC. Provided system programming and system administration for a series of Unix systems, including an 800-user AT&T 3B15, as 1200-user Sun-3/SunOS network, and a 5000-user DECstation/Ultrix network. Ported code extensively from BSD4.3 to SysVr2 and SysVr3 platforms. Designed and taught series of introductory courses for campus affiliates in basic Unix usage and basic C programming. Built and maintained sole publicly accessible news server on campus for two years, providing Usenet news service and support to campus users and providing UUCP connections for multiple campus systems. Managed single student employee; provided contract programming support for both Unix and MS-DOS platforms; wrote and maintained documentation for Unix systems and for IBM VM/CMS system; provided end-user support for Unix systems, MS-DOS systems, and IBM VM/CMS system; participated in initial design of campus-wide fiber optic network.

Extensive experience with: SysVr2, SysVr3, Ultrix (4.2, 4.3, 4.4), Solaris 2.{3,4,5}, SunOS 3.x, SunOS 4.x, Irix 4.x, Irix 5.x, Linux, C, FORTRAN, perl {4,5}, multiple shells, Unix text tools (awk, sed, etc.), sendmail {5,8}, B News, BIND/Hesiod, AFS, NFS, TeX/LaTeX, POP, IMAP{2,4}, SAS, X Window System, PostScript, HTTP, Kerberos V4, Kerberos V5, Tcl, TK.

Familiar with: Linux, HP/UX, MS-DOS, MacOS, Windows {'95,NT} Majordomo, SAS, Mathematica, HTML, gopher, CCSO nameserver, X.500, X.400, LDAP, MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, VMS, SLIP/PPP, C++, PASCAL, INN, Netscape product suite.
Professional Memberships
Usenix, SAGE
Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, music, science fiction, cooking
Available upon request

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