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Robert Plonsey

Robert Plonsey

Pfizer Inc./Edmund T. Pratt
University Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering
Duke University
Box 90281
Durham, NC 27708-0281

tel: 919-660-5124
fax: 919-684-4488
email: rplonsey@acpub.duke.edu

You can access the photograph, above, and research statement by clicking on plonsey

Dr. Plonsey is the co-author (with Dr. Jaakko Malmivuo) of "Bioelectromagnetism", a book published by Oxford Press. A description and review can be found at Bioelectromagnetism

Dr. Plonsey and his colleague Dr. Roger Barr have recently completed a revision to their text "Bioelectricity. A Quantitative Approach". This second edition should be available by 6/1/00. The publisher is Plenum/Kluwer.

In the past year Dr. Plonsey was the keynote speaker at the Nordic-Baltic conference in Tallinn, Estonia. Dr. Plonsey now split his professsional interests between IEEE/EMBS and IEEE/SSIT. In the latter he has been studying the impact of technology on the cost of health care.

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