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Robert Swinney
Associate Professor
Duke University
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Current Teaching (2020-21)

  • Technological Transformation of Business (Daytime Core, co-taught with Sasa Pekec)
  • Operations Strategy (Daytime Elective)


  • Fuqua Daytime MBA Core Teaching Award (2020)
  • Fuqua Daytime MBA Core Teaching Award (2018)

Past Teaching (Duke Fuqua School of Business)

  • Operations Strategy (Daytime MBA elective)
  • Operations Management (Daytime MBA core, WEMBA core)
  • Supply Chain Models (PhD)
  • Emerging Topics in Operations Management (PhD, co-taught with OM Area Faculty)

Past Teaching (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

  • Operations (MBA core)
  • Operations (Sloan Masters core)
  • Special Topics in Supply Chain Management (PhD, co-taught with Hau Lee)