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Bikes. Working on bikes fulfulls my need for a (relatively simple) mechanical hobby. I have enjoyed learning about and rebuilding old bikes. I should ride them more often!

Surfing. If the conditions are right and the crowds are minimal, I do quite enjoy surfing.

Gardening. I enjoy gardening with the locals. However, I usually end up feeding local groundhogs, rabbits, and other ubiquitous insects more so than I end up feeding myself.
Photography. I enjoy attempting and learning photography! However, I'm definitely no pro. One time I showed a really good photographer some of my photos and she replied, "Do you know photography? You should take a course!" I appreciated the honesty.
UNC Basketball. I just feel I have to make this known given that "Duke University" appears right beside my name at the top of all these pages. Even though I work at Duke, I remain and will always remain a fan of UNC basketball. I will always favor the lighter shade of blue.