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Ethnomusicology Online v. 2, The role of movement in Russian panpipe playing, by Olga Velitchkina.

My only caveat to this work is that she frequently calls a zhaleika a rozhok. That's probably what her Kursk region informants use, but it's a shame that she didn't add a footnote correlating her terms with a standard work such as Vertkov.


  1. JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, v. 23, European Russia, which has wind instruments in sections of:
  2. Russia - Discovering Russian Folk Music - VIDEO

    "Viewers are introduced to Russian folk instruments such as the balalaika, the zhalieka, [zhaleika] and panpipes.[kugikly] Advisor was Stephen M. Wolownik, Institute of Ethnomusicology, UCLA. Discussion guide included. 22 minutes. Designed specifically for primary & secondary use. Order # AIMS-8710"

Audio recordings

  1. Russian Folk Instrumental Music (Authentic folk orchestras andinstrumentalists... recorded in the USSR). Melodiya DT 10491 / Capitol/EMI. This LP occasionally makes an appearance on eBay and/or in used record stores.

    Contents: Berezka ([ansambl'] Berezka); Vniz' po Volge-reke,Vyidu l' ia na rechen'ku (Leningradskii ansambl' gusliarov); Skomoroshina (Orkestr khora im. Piatnitskogo); Polnote, rebiata (P. Necheporenko,balalaika); Kamarinskaia (Orkestr khora im. Piatnitskogo); Kapris(V. Andreev), Svetit mesiats (ob. V. Andreeva) (Orkestr narodnykh instrumentov); Favn, val's (V. Andreev) (Orkestr narodnykh instrumentov im.V. Andreeva); Fantaziia (na temu nar. pesni "Nochen'ka") (A. Ivanov-Kramskoi,gitara); Fantaziia (na temy volzhskikh pripevok) (Iu. Shchekotova i A. Shalaeva,baiany); Akh, dolga ty, noch' (V. Iakovlev, domra); Saratovskaia pliasovaia (G. Kasatov, beresta); Korobeiniki, (variatsii V. Ditelia natemu narodnoi pesni, Gos. Rus. Nar. orkestr im. N. Osipova)

  2. Kamarinskaya! Angel/Melodiya SR-40223, "Mfg. in US by Capitol Records." LC 73-750116. This LP occasionally makes an appearance on eBay and/or in used record stores.

    Contents: The Birch Tree ([ensemble] Berezka); A Guelder Rose on the Hill (Poletaev, baian); Polka (V. Tikhov, gusli, and Andreev folk instrument orchestra); 3 Belorussian Round Dances (Ye. Saprykin, double zhaleika); Shostakovich/"The Gadfly" (Vl. Yakovlev, domra, and folk instrument orchestra); Spring Dance (baian quartet, Kiev Philharmonic); Russian Accordions (Piatnitskii folk ensemble); Play, my Bagpipe (M. Rozhkov, balalaika and G. Minyayev, guitar); Kamarinskaya (Piatnitskii folk ensemble); Soccer (A. Shalayev and N. Krylov, baians); quadrille from "The Humpbacked Horse" (Osipov balalaika orchestra); Gypsy Hungarian Dance (N. Volshaninov, V. Tumansky, and G. Orlov, guitars); Dnieper Cossacks (Soviet Army Ensemble).

  3. Chudesnyi rozhok. Melodiia [Melodiya] C20-23515 005. ("The Wonderful Rozhok.") A really excellent all-winds work; the only reason Idon't mention it first is that it's not as widely available as the first two.

    Contents: Dve p'esy dlia vladimirskogo rozhka - V. Khvatov, Orkestr khora im. Piatnitskogo; Zhaleika, p'esa - E. Kuznetsov, "Zhaleika"; Poshla Dunia za vodoi, russkaia narodnaia pesnia - obrabotka V. Nazarova, "Zhaleika"; Naigryshi pastukha - V. Voronkov, Orkestr khora im. Piatnitskogo; Polianka -obrabotka M. Vakhutinskogo, M. Vakhutinskii, svirel', i ansambl' narodnykh instrumentov; Vo luziakh, russkaia narodnaia pesnia, Trio vladimirskhikh rozhkov; Shutka, p'esa - V. Omel'ianov, "Bylina"; Duniushka, russkaia narodnaia pesnia, "Bylina"; Timonia, russkaia narodnaia pesnia, obrabotka V.Poponova, "Russkie uzory"; Naigryshi brianskikh pastukhov - E. Derbenko,"Russkie uzory"; Kamarinskaia - obrabotka S. Butushina, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem Valeriia Petrova; Vechera na Nerli -L. Priss, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem ValeriiaPetrova; Chto ponizhe bylo gorodu Saratov, russkaia narodnaia pesnia - obrabotka M. Vakhutinskogo, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem Valeriia Petrova; Ot sela do sela, russkaia narodnaia pesnia - Iu. Zatsarnogo, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem Valeriia Petrova; Priokskie vesnianki - Iu. Zatsarnyi, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem Valeriia Petrova; Sokhnet-vianet,russkaia narodnaia pesnia - obrabotka I. Oblikina, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem Valeriia Petrova; Slavno zhili nashi dedy, russkaia narodnaia pesnia - obrabotka I. Oblikina, Ansambl' russkikh narodnykh instrumentov pod upravleniem Valeriia Petrova.

    It appears that some of the recordings from Chudesnyi rozhok may be available again in a recent (2001+) re-issue handled by the Ossipov orchestra, a 2-disc CD set Sergei Butushin: Dukhovye narodnye instrumenty. I have not yet figured out how one can order these CDs, however...

  4. Igraet russkii narodnyi orkestr khora imeni Piatnitskogo. [Russian folk orchestra of the Pyatnitsky chorus] [Moskva]: Melodiia, 1970 1985, 1 [33 1/3 rpm stereo LP] (I'm assuming this has winds because it's the Piatnitskii orchestra--but I've not heard it. Has anyone else?) Program notes in Russian and English by V. Poponov. A. Shirokov, conductor.

    Contents: Lipetskaia matania = Lipetsk tune ; zadornyi naigrysh = Perkytune; Russkie harmoniki = Russian concertinas / V. Khvatov -- Russkaia narodnaia pesnia : u zari-to, u zoren'ki = Russian folk song: Dawn, dear dawn-- Russkaia pol'ka = Russian polka / A. Shirokov -- Lebedushka = The swan /N. Gorlov -- Riazanskaia zmeika = Ryazan chain-dance / A. Voevodin -- Naigrysh pastukha = The shepherd's melody / V. Voronkov -- Prazdnichnaia uvertiura = Festive overture / I. Kataev -- Russkii khorovodnyi tanets =Russian round dance / A. Shirokov -- Sibirskaia kadril' = Siberian quadrille /V. Levashov -- Tam vdali, za rekoi : p'esa na temu pesni grazhdanskoi voiny= Far away across the river : piece on the theme of a song of the civil war ; Na posidelkakh = At the party / V. Poponov -- Pol'ka : iz pervoi baletnoisiuity = Polka : from the first ballet suite / D. Shostakovich.

  5. Sigrai, Vanya [Otherwise known in record catalogs as"Vanyalin Sigrai" or "Play Vanya".] PAN Records label (Dutch). {H-236594},released 1993. (CD)

    (Sergei Rogosin's information on the contents:) "...with zhaleika,shepherd's horn, a little balalaika, etc. ... A word of warning, it mightcure you of your interest in Russian field recordings... the playing was rather raw."

  6. Series 2: Russian Folk Traditions, Disc 14: Instrumental Music. Norman Ross Publishing Inc. "From the collection of the Pushkinskii Dom Phonogram Archive (Russian Academy of Sciences)." (CD)

    This is rather like the extended version of "Sigrai, Vanya." If you like field recordings you'll love it. ;^) Seriously, though, the real problem with this material (and the other 15 discs of the series) is that it's terribly expensive. I have a vague recollection that the individual discs are available for... something over $50 apiece. So check for it at your local large university research library...

  7. Troika Balalaikas: Russian Carousel. (CD) 1996. Available through: World Artists, Lynn McConnell, 3126 Bolero Dr., Atlanta GA 30345.

    David Cooper adds some zhaleika, dvadyensivka, percussion, and kolesnaia lira (think volynka substitute!) to some tracks. This CD is relatively 'obtainable' in the US, unlike some materials discussed here.

  8. Cymbalums de Bielorussie: Vedritsa. COD 22 / DOM CD AT 1438,ARB (Anne Revel-Bertrand?) 1996.

    This is actually a tsimbaly ensemble's CD, but the second track is a zhaleika one - Jaleyka. "Flûte joyeuse" - (Polka) V. Kouznietsov. (There is very little information available, and the French transliterations hamper comprehension of what there is.)

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