The Triangle Area Philosophy Symposium (TAPS) brings together primarily Research Triangle-based philosophers to talk about their current work on a theme. The theme changes from year to year. All from the Triangle and beyond are welcome to attend.

Information on last year's TAPS is available here.

2013 Schedule

Friday, August 30

Sessions in 202 West Duke Building, Duke University

2:45-3:45      L.A. Paul (UNC), "Metaphysics and the Manifest"

Chairs: Sara Bernstein and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

3:45-4:00       Break

4:00-5:00      Felipe de Brigard (Duke), "When Metaphysics Meets Cognitive Neuropsychology"

Chair: Catherine Driscoll (NC State)

5:00-5:15      Break/ catch-up

5:15-6:15      Thomas Hofweber (UNC), "Esoteric and Egalitarian Metaphysics"

Chair: John Carroll (NC State)

6:15-6:30      Move to dinner

6:30-            Dinner at Walter Sinnott-Armstrong's House

Saturday, August 31

Sessions in 213 Caldwell Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill

10:00-11:00     Michael Pendlebury (NC State), "What is Philosophy?"

     Chair: Alex Rosenberg (Duke)

11:00-12:00     Kate Ritchie (Duke), "Natural Language and Ontology"

    Chair: William Lycan (UNC)

12:00-2:00       Lunch and optional excursion into Chapel Hill

2:00-3:00         David Wong (Duke), "Why Comparative Philosophy is Not What You Think It Is"

    Chair: Gary Comstock (NC State)

3:00-4:00        Matt Kotzen (UNC), "Conditional Oughts"

    Chair: Carlotta Pavese (NYU/ Duke)

4:00-4:30        Break/ catch-up

4:30-5:30        Johannes Hafner (NC State), "Taking a Notion as Primitive"

    Chair: Andrew Janiak (Duke)

Organizers: Sara Bernstein and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong / site by Sara Bernstein