Shalin Shah

Ph.D. candidate at Duke University

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Shalin Shah is a graduate student at Duke University pursuing a doctoral degree from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)/ Computer Science (CS). At Duke University, he works with Prof. John Reif (AAAS Fellow 2003, Rosenberg Tulip Award Winner 2005). His research interest lies at the intersection of DNA nanotechnology, machine learning, and computer vision. Currently, his research focuses on studying DNA systems immobilized on a glass surface and how one can harness DNA’s programmable nature to model, design, simulate, and demonstrate single-molecular reporters.

He often uses Python, Java, and Matlab to solve several programming challenges and automate parts of his research. For ML problems, he often uses TensorFlow and MATLAB's deep learning toolbox. Shalin is also very excited about big open-source software projects. In the past, he has worked with organizations such as NRNB, OpenIntents, KDE, etc. To learn more about his open-source contributions, please visit the GitHub page.

Prior to joining Duke, he was an undergraduate student at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) where he received his bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). His undergraduate research, primarily supervised by Prof. Manish Gupta, focused on developing software tools and algorithms for applications in the field of DNA nanoscience. His thesis focused on developing a C-like trans-compiler for DNA-based chemical systems represented using XML files.

To know more about his past projects, publications, and research works please have a look at his CV in printable document format here