Shalin Shah

Ph.D. candidate at Duke University

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I am a graduate student at Duke University pursuing a doctoral degree from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE). I am also a master's candidate in the Department of Computer Science (CS) at Duke. At Duke, I am fortunate to work with John Reif who is a wonderful researcher and my mentor. My research interests lie at the intersection of DNA nanoscience, predictive modeling, and AI.

I have also interned at Microsoft Research where I worked with the DNA storage team, primarily supervised by Yuan-Jyue Chen and Karin Strauss.

I did my undergraduate studies at the beautiful campus of DA-IICT in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). During my time at DA-IICT, I worked with Manish Gupta and developed a distributed algorithm to encode binary data to error-correcting DNA codes. I also worked with Anil Roy and developed an image processing pipeline for detecting anemic disorders such as sickle-cell.

I am also very excited about big open-source software projects. In the past, I have been able to contribute to the Systems Biology community with the help of Andreas Dräger and Matthias König who mentored my summer of code project.

Finally, I am grateful to the Klien-Gardner foundation to fund my Ph.D. research. To know more about my past projects, publications, and research works please have a look at his CV in printable document format here