Soft Active Materials Laboratory


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PI: Xuanhe Zhao, PhD (CV)  



Welcome to the Soft Active Materials Laboratory at Duke University. Our research is to understand the fundamental mechanics and physics of materials and phenomena emerging on the interface between engineering and biological systems and to design new materials and structures capable of extraordinary functions. We are currently particularly interested in understanding soft materials which are easily deformed by multiple thermodynamic forces such as mechanical stress, electric field, magnetic field, and chemical potential, and exploring their applications in various technologies such as energy storage, energy harvesting, biofouling, drug delivery, tissue engineering, robotics, microfluidics, and water treatment. Our current research projects are centered on three bioinspired themes:

  • Artificial muscle (Electro-magneto-active polymers & Electro-magneto-mechanics, more)

  • Transformative skin (Functional surface instability and patterning & Thin film mechanics, more)

  • Tough cartilage (Biomaterials with extraordinary mechanical properties & Biomechanics, more)

Recent News and Opening

  • Jianfeng won won the the Kewaunee Postdoctral Achievement Award from CBTE. (more)

  • No position available now. (more)


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