William H. Majoros, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Center for Statistical Genetics & Genomics
Center for Genomic & Computational Biology
Center for Advanced Genomic Technologies
Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Duke University

Research Interests

  • Deep learning and language modeling for genomics
  • Convolutional neural networks, attention models, and transformers
  • Probabilistic machine learning
  • Bayesian inference in probabilistic graphical models
  • Structured prediction
  • Interpretation/prioritization of genetic variants in disease
  • RNA splicing
  • Gene regulation
  • Computational linguistics - formal grammars and parsing
  • Syntactic structure and memetic evolution in complex bird song
  • Single-cell CRISPR screens



  1. Methods for Computational Gene Prediction (2007). Majoros WH (foreword by Steven Salzberg).  Cambridge University Press.  430 pages.

Book Chapters:

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Research Articles:

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Teaching - Computer Science / Computational Biology

  • Computational Sequence Biology (COMPSCI 561, Spring 2023) - entire course
  • Graphical Models and Structured Prediction for Biological Data (BIOSTAT 914, Fall 2022) - entire course
  • Genome Tools and Technologies (CBB 520, Fall 2022) - one guest lecture
  • Genetic Approaches to the Solution of Biological Problems (UPGEN778, Fall 2018) - two lectures
  • Computational Sequence Biology (CS561 Duke University, Spring 2018) - two lectures
  • Genetic and Genomic Solutions to Biological Problems (UPGEN778, Fall 2016) - one lecture
  • Introduction to Computational Genomics (CS260 Duke University, Spring 2016) - two lectures
  • Computational and Regulatory Genomics (CBB561 Duke University, Fall 2015) - one lecture
  • Sequencing-based Genomics (CBB720 Duke University, Fall 2014) - two lectures
  • Computational Sequence Biology (CS261 Duke University, Spring 2014) - seven lectures
  • Computational Sequence Biology (CS261 Duke University, Spring 2012) - seven lectures
  • Computational Sequence Biology (CS261 Duke University, Spring 2010) - seven lectures
  • Computational Biology of Gene Regulation (CS261 Duke University, Spring 2008) - five lectures
  • Computational Biology of Gene Regulation (CS261 Duke University, Fall 2006) - five lectures


Duke University - Ph.D., Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Penn State University - B.Sc. in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude.

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