P.O. BOX 61322 Durham, North Carolina 27715-1322 919.660.3373 or 919.490.5878 919.490.5968 (Fax) twoneartheedge@yahoo.com


2 NEAR THE EDGE is L.D. Burris and Keval Kaur Khalsa-- a duo dedicated to sharing the joy and power of dance as a communicative art form and a force for healing and social change. For 11 years, 2NTE has toured statewide, regionally and nationally, "...sharing the magic of movement which comes from the perfect blending of superb talent from two expert artists" (Chuck Davis). Heart-centered and passionate, 2NTE repertory explores "...basic mysteries and potentials of human growth via accessible art" (Lee Lourdeaux, Dance Magazine).

2 NEAR THE EDGE has received grants from the North Carolina State Arts Council, The Durham Arts Council, Duke University Institute of the Arts, Duke University office of Community Affairs, and Alternate Roots. Burris and Khalsa consistently collaborate with other outstanding artists on a variety of projects - most recently, Bring Me Your Breasts, a full-length collaboration with poet Jaki Shelton Green and composer John Hanks that honors those whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

Since its founding, 2 NEAR THE EDGE has tackled tough social issues via quality performance events, workshops and residencies. In public appearances and work with schools, they have taken on everything from racism and segregation with their Civil Rights tribute Freedom Seekers, to the struggles and joys of people with disabilities in the popular piece Inwardly Mobile. choreographed with the use of wheelchairs. 2 NEAR THE EDGE'S creative process always involves collaboration between the two artistic co-directors as well as with guest artists.