Global Financial Management

Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Durham NC 27708-0120

Preassignment Index

BA 350, now known as Global Financial Management, has been substantially redeveloped to provide a consistent platform for the daytime MBA, WEMBA and the GEMBA international financial management course. All lecture notes for the class are located on the Web, together with problem sets. This year, several Java learning experiences have been added which help navigate students through some of the more difficult concepts in the course.

One major change this year is that we assume that students are already familiar with the concept of Present Value, as taught in all three of the term 2 core classes.

The preassignment reviews the present value concepts in detail. Before the the first lecture, you should read the online preassignment and successfully complete the online preassignment problem set. The on-line assignment is in Java script and when submitted, you instantly get both your grade and feedback on any incorrect answers. Note that lecture one is on Bond Valuation, and will assume that you are familiar with the material presented in the preassignment.

The second major change is that Part 1 of Assignment 1 is also due on the first day of classes. This is an ongoing assignment where students will track a portfolio of stocks. Later in the term, other securities can be added to the portfolio. This first assignment should not take that long. In addition, you can always alter your portfolio later on. For example, if you are not sure what to do, in the first lecture hand in a trade for X shares of IBM where X=$1,000,000/(yesterday's price for IBM). Round to the nearest 100 (i.e. sharesare bought in lots of 100).