Global Tactical Asset Allocation

Asset Management Teams and Research Initiatives: 1999

Group Code: Cash Rainbow International Investment Partners (CRIIP)

Predicting Returns and Volatility in Developed Countries

Group Code: Universal Investments

Performance Evaluation Traditional measures versus Graham-Harvey measures

Group Code: Frontier Asset Management

Value versus Growth Investment Strategies in Mexico

Group Code: Market Timers Group

Dynamic Option Trading Strategies

Group Code: LTOM (Long Term Optimal Management)

Bottom-Up Stock Selection in Korea

Group Code: BEF (Beyond the Efficient Frontier) Capital, Ltd.

Stock Selection in Korea

Group Code: Rain Man Asset Management

Achieving International Diversification with U.S. Multinational Equities


US and World’s Industries: An Analysis of Returns and Correlations

Group Code: Global Risk Management

Up vs Down:Changing Correlations in Portfolio Optimization

Group Code: Double Diamond Investors

Predicting Credit Spreads