Three Month Eurodeutschmark

(Euromark) Interest Rate Future

Unit of Trading: DM 1,000,000

Delivery Months: March, June, September, December

Delivery Day: First business day after the Last Trading Day

Last Trading Day: 11.00 London time Two business days prior to third Wednesday of delivery month

Quotation: 100.00 minus rate of interest

Min. Price Fluct.: 0.01

Tick size & value: DM 25

Trading Hours: 08.00 - 16.10 London time

APT* Trading: 16.29 - 17.59 London time

(APT is Automated Pit Trading - LIFFE's electronic trading system.)

Contract Standard: Cash settlement based on the Exchange Delivery Settlement Price.

Settlement Price: Based on the British Banker's Association Interest Settlement Rate (BBAISR) for three month Eurodeutschmark deposits at 1 1.00 on the Last Trading Day. The settlement price will be 100 00 minus the BBAISR (rounded accordingly).

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