13-Week U.S. Treasury Bill Futures

Ticker Symbol: TB

Trading Unit: $1,000,000

Price Quote: IMM Index points

Minimum Price: US $25.00 1 IMM Index point

Fluctuation (Tick): 0.01 or 1 basis point (e.g., from 93.00 to 93.01)

(.0001 X $1,000,000 X 90/360 = $25)

Daily Price Limit: None

Contract Months: March, June, Sep, Dec

Trading Hours' 2: 7:20 am -2:00 pm

(Chicago Time): Last day

7:20 am-10:00 am

Last Day of Trading: The business day immediately preceding the first delivery day

Delivery Date: Issue date of 13-week bill coinciding with the last 13 weeks of year bill.

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