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Published Papers

(P1) Harvey, "The Real Term Structure and Consumption Growth," JFE 1988.
(P2) Harvey, "Forecasting Economic Growth with the Bond and Stock Markets," FAJ 1989.
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(P48) Cavaglia, Dahlquist, Harvey, Rathjens, and Wilcox, ``Emerging/Developed Market Portfolio Mixes"
(P49) Harvey, ``The Future of Investment in Emerging Markets"
(P50) Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, ``Risk in Emerging Markets"
(P51) Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, ``Contagion and Risk"
(P52) Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, ``A New Perspective on Emerging Market Bonds"
(P53) Achour, Harvey, Hopkins and Lang, ``Stock Selection in Emerging Markets: Portfolio Strategies for Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa"
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(P58) Bekaert and Harvey, ``Capital Markets: An Engine for Economic Growth."
(P59) Harvey, Lundblad and Valderrama ``Brazil in Crisis."
(P60) Lambert, Harrington, Bronson, Harvey and Glodjo, "Efficient Online Non-Parametric Density Estimation."
(P61) Harvey, Travers and Costa, "Forecasting emerging market returns using neural networks: A comparative study of nine emerging markets"

Working Papers

(W13) Glodjo and Harvey, "Forecasting Foreign Exchange Market Returns via Entropy Based Coding: The Framework,"
(W19) Bansal and Harvey, "Performance Evaluation in the Presence of Dynamic Trading Strategies,"
(W18) Harvey and Kirby, "Analytic Tests of Linear Factor Models,"
(W8) Harvey, Solnik and Zhou, "What Determines Expected International Asset Returns?"
(W1) Harvey, "Conditional Asset Allocation in Emerging Markets,"
(W2) Harvey and Huang, "Public Information and Fixed Income Volatility,"
(W3) Harvey and Huang, "The Impact of Federal Reserve Bank's Open Market Operations,"
(W6) Harvey, "The Specification Conditional Expectations,"
(W10) Harvey, "Global Risk Exposure to a Trade-Weighted Currency Index"
(W16) Bekaert and Harvey, "The Cost of Capital in Emerging Markets."
(W31) Bekaert and Harvey, "Foreign Speculators and Emerging Capital Markets."
(W34) Dumas, Harvey and Ruiz, "Are Common Swings in International Stock Returns Justified by Subsequent Changes in National Outputs?"
(W35) Harvey, "The International Cost of Capital and Risk Calculator."
(W38) Bekaert, Harvey and Lumsdaine "Dating the Integration of World Capital Markets."
(W39) Bekaert, Harvey and Lumsdaine "Structural Breaks in Emerging Market Capital Flows"
(W40) Ferson and Harvey "Economic, Financial and Fundamental Global Risk In and Out of the EMU"
(W43) Harvey and Roper, "The Asian Bet"

Work in Progress

(Wa) Bekaert and Harvey, "Capital Market Integration and Economic Development."

Books, Chapters, Monographs

(C1) Ferson and Harvey, "An Exploratory Investigation of the Fundamental Determinants of National Equity Market Returns," 1993.
(C2) Harvey, "Portfolio Enhancement using Emerging Markets and Conditioning Information," 1993.
(C3) Harvey, "The World Price of Covariance Risk," 1993.
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(C5P) Bekaert, Garcia and Harvey, Portugese version of C5.
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(C6P) Bekaert, Garcia and Harvey, Portugese version of C6.
(C7) Bekaert and Harvey, "Capital Markets: An Engine for Economic Growth," 1995.
(C8) Harvey and Kirby, "Instrumental Variables Estimation of Conditional Beta Pricing Models," 1996.
(C9) Harvey, "The Risk Exposure of Emerging Markets"
(C10) Bekaert, Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, "The Behavior of Emerging Market Returns"
(C11) Bekaert, Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, "The Cross-Sectional Determinants of Emerging Equity Market Returns"
(C12) Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, "The Risk and Expected Returns to African Equity Investment."
(C13) Erb, Harvey and Viskanta, "Country Risk in Global Financial Management."AIMR, 1997
(C14) Bekaert and Harvey, ``Capital Flows and the Behavior of Emerging Market Equity Returns,"
(C15) Harvey, Travers and Costa, "Forecasting emerging market returns using neural networks"
(C16) Ferson and Harvey, "The variation of economic risk premiums"

Published Discussions

(PD1) Harvey, Commentary on "A Test of International..." 1994.
(PD2) Harvey, Commentary on "Emerging Stock..." 1994.
(PD3) Harvey, Commentary on "Testing the..." 1988.


(POLICY1) Harvey, "Managing the Maturity..." 1993.

Executive Education Materials

(PM1) Value and Risk Management Through Derivatives
(PM2) Lessons in Risk Management
(PM3) Option Valuation in Corporate Finance
(PM4) Value Creation
(PM4a) Long-term value
(PM4b) International perspective
(PM4c) Value added metrics
(PM4d) Discounted cash flow metrics
(PM4e) Value management
(PM4f) Fit and focus
(PM4g) Risk management and value
(PM4h) Financial engineering
(PM5) Active Investment in Developed and Emerging Markets
(PM5a) Why invest internationally?
(PM5b) Foreign exchange risk
(PM5c) Predictability
(PM5d) Emerging markets
(PM5e) Managing in bull and bear markets
(PM5f) Managing in low and high volatility markets
(PM5g) Portfolio strategy and the business cycle
(PM5h) Inflation and world equity returns
(PM5i) Do world markets still serve as a hedge?
(PM5j) What about Mexico?
(PM6) Time-Varying International Correlations
(PM7) Predictable Returns in Developed and Emerging Markets
(PM8) Return Prediction for Dynamic Trading Strategies
(PM9) Mathematics for Finance
(PM10) Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Risks
(PM11) An Introduction to Conditional Asset Allocation
(PM12) The Implications of Predictable Returns in Asset Markets
(PM13) Global Financial Management and Country Risk
(PM14) Stock Market Predictability and Active Asset Allocation in Emerging and Mature Markets
(PM15) Towards a Truly Global Portfolio Strategy...
(PM16) Outperforming in Emerging Markets ...
(PM17) Active Asset Allocation: Does it work
(PM18) What Matters for Emerging Markets Investments
(PM19) I. Recent Advances in Cost of Capital Measurement; II. Global Financial Management and Shareholder Value
(PM20) An Introduction to Dynamic Global Financial Management
(PM21) Emerging Markets: Unsolved Puzzles
(PM22) Emerging Market Debt: A Global Perspective
(PM23) Cross-Sectional Prediction in Dynamic Trading Strategies
(PM24) Stock Selection in Emerging Markets
(PM25) Conditioning Variables in the Cross-Section of Expected Returns
(PM26) The International Cost of Capital
(PM27) Global Risk Analysis and Valuation