• Choreography Residency at UNC-Charlotte which produced a new work, Meanwhile, Words—Perhaps Meaning Nothing
  • Teaching this past summer for the Limón Company at their summer workshop held at Mills College in California was in a word, reassuring. Though a relatively small enrollment, this was one of the best workshops ever!  I’m sure the chemistry of working with Sarah Stackhouse, and Gary Masters helped to make it so—we had a great time working together at something we clearly love—and to actually feel the results of the trickle down of this to our wonderful students, once again revealed the power and necessity of this timeless and universal work.
  • Setting a suite from Limón’s A Choreographic Offering at both Duke, and at Virginia Commonwealth University, which was taken to the Kennedy Center.  The dancers were wonderful—José would have been pleased.
  • Teaching several sessions in NYC at the Limón Institute, and during their summer workshops of 2001 at Skidmore College, and at Connecticut College in 2000.
  • I had a wonderful time dancing again with my pal, Jim May, in Allen Danielson’s choreography (Are We There Yet?) in concert at Duke, and in NYC at St. Marks… first time back there since 1991 in Phyllis Lamhut’s work, Man. It felt good being back in NYC/home, and dancing!
  • Involvement in the filming of interviews for the American Dance Legacy Institute, documenting experiences of three generations of dancers (including original cast members) who have performed in Donald McKayle's masterpiece, Rainbow 'round My Shoulder.  This was a terrific weekend- event, sponsored by the Harlem Dance Foundation, which included a catered dinner where I had a chance to renew some old acquaintances who are very dear to me, including: Mary Hinkson, Jaime Rogers, Walter Nicks, Mary Barnett, Sylvia Waters, Rob Kaplan, Carolyn Adams, Norton Owen, Julie Strandberg, Joe Nash, Elaine and Charles Finsilver, Renee and Dan Kaplan, and, of course, Donny.  Some great new friends were made, as well.
  • Keynote speaker for the 40th Anniversary

      Celebration of the Rhode Island College  Dance

      Company in Providence, RI.  (See speech here)

  • Guest (two separate times) with the Carolina Ballet (Lord Capulet) in their production of Romeo and Juliet. 
  • Keynote  speaker at the International Association of Blacks in Dance, Conference  1998, Durham, NC. (See speech here)
  • Gardening continues to entrance me to the point of ecstasy.  I often ponder—do I need to continue to dance—is this my new love?
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* photo by David Fullard