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InterFACE is an international scientific list for discussion of all aspects of Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiments. The purpose of the list is to provide a place where scientists from different disciplines and different countries can talk about problems relating to this technology, results of experiments, or any other aspect related to FACE technology. The larger community of scientists working on elevated CO2 are also encouraged to join.

Note: The software used to run InterFACE switched from Majordomo to Sympa on 21 Feb 2007, so the instructions below have changed recently.

To subscribe, send a message to with this text in the body of the message:

subscribe interface

Leave the subject line blank. You will receive an automated confirmation.

To unsubscribe, send a message to with this text in the body of the message:

unsubscribe interface

Alternately, you can subscribe and unsubscribe by logging on to the InterFACE Mailing List Manager. You can also set various e-mail reception options here.

To post a message, send it to It will be automatically redirected to each person on the list by the mailing list server. There are over 100 people on the list, so be careful of what you send. Here are some guidelines:

If you want to see a list of other subscribers to the list, send message text "who interface" (without the quotes) to You will receive an unsorted list containing e-mail addresses of all subscribers, but not names. I try to maintain a sorted list of subscribers, including name, e-mail address, and location. To request this, send me a note at and describe what you want.

If you have trouble getting on or off the list or have other questions, please e-mail me at and describe your problem.

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InterFACE was created on 13 January 1997 and switched from Majordomo to Sympa on 21 Feb 2007.

-- Will Cook,

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