Some Great Plants for Attracting Birds in Central North Carolina

by Will Cook

Birds require food, shelter, and water just as humans do. If you want to see more birds in your yard, try to provide all three. In addition to the suggestions below, be sure to put up a few birdhouses to help out the cavity nesters, consider leaving dead trees and stumps for woodpecker food, and provide water. Water can be as simple as a traditional concrete bird bath on a pedestal or as complex as a water feature with recirculating pumps and waterfalls. The water should be shallow, else the birds might not be able to use it.

Notes: B = Also great for butterflies, N = Native to North Carolina, = Best of the best

Food and cover plants

Evergreen trees and shrubs

Deciduous trees and shrubs

Woody Vines

Herbaceous Plants

Hummingbird Nectar Plants

Hummingbirds provide lots of entertainment in the garden. If you plant an assortment of nectar plants with staggered bloom times, there's no need to hang up a hummingbird feeder except in winter.


Woody Vines


Herbaceous Plants

Good cover/food plants to AVOID:

Where can I find these plants?

- Can't miss!

- Recommended

- Worth a look

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Revised 3/15/05