Connie Y. Kot's Courses & Certificates
Connie Y. Kot
Associate in Research
Duke University

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Certificates & Advanced Courses:

ESRI: Cartography MOOC
ESRI: Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics MOOC
NOAA: Nature-based Solutions for Coastal Hazards
NOAA: Social Science Basics for Coastal Managers
Pine Knoll Shores, NC
(c) Kot 2019
NOAA: NOAA Tools Training
NOAA: Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings
NOAA: Planning Effective Projects for Coastal Communities
Duke University DEL: Marine Planning Advancement Training
Duke University DEL: Spatial Models for Distance Sampling Data
South shore, Bermuda
(c) Kot 2006
GEO Academy: Spatial Analysis Using QGIS
GEO Academy: Introduction to Geospatial Technology Using QGIS
USGS: Estimating the Geographic Distribution of a Species Using Presence-only Records
USGS: Modeling Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence
ESRI: Working with Geodatabase Subtypes and Domains
Fort Macon State Park, NC
(c) Kot 2016
ESRI: Working with Map Topology in ArcGIS
ESRI: Georeferencing Rasters in ArcGIS
ESRI: Turning Data into Information using ArcGIS 9/10
USGS: Adaptive Management of Natural Resources
ESRI: Linear Referencing with ArcGIS Desktop
NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, NC
(c) Kot 2017
ESRI: Spatial Analysis of Geohazards Using ArcGIS 9
ESRI: Using Lidar Data in ArcGIS
ESRI: Managing Lidar Data in ArcGIS
ESRI: Customizing ArcGIS Desktop
ESRI: Learning ArcGIS 3D Analyst
Nags Head, NC
(c) Kot 2008
ESRI: Working with Rasters in ArcGIS Desktop
ESRI: Customizing ArcMap: Easy Ways to Extend the Interface
ESRI: Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases for ArcGIS Desktop
ESRI: Creating and Maintaining Metadata Using ArcGIS Desktop
ESRI: Basics of the Geodatabase Data Model

Anacapa, Channel Islands, CA
(c) Kot 2007
ESRI: Understanding GIS Queries
ESRI: Creating and Integrating Data for Natural Resource Applications
ESRI: Learning ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
ESRI: Geoprocessing with ArcGIS Desktop
ESRI: Introduction to Geostatistical Analyst

Bull Island, SC
(c) Kot 2004
ESRI: Advanced Analysis with ArcGIS
ESRI: Working with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
ESRI: Introduction to Programming ArcObjects
ESRI: Understanding Map Projections
Ledet: Adobe InDesign I

Northeast shore, Puerto Rico
(c) Kot 2009
NOAA: Remote Sensing for Spatial Analysts
NOAA: Coastal Applications Using ArcGIS
NOAA: Introduction to Metadata
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Advanced Conservation: GIS and Remote Sensing: Measuring Landcover Change and its Impact on Endangered Species
ESRI: Exploring the VBA Environment

Barcelona, Spain
(c) Kot 2007
ESRI: Migrating from ArcView 3.x to ArcGIS
ESRI: Introduction to ArcView 3.x
University of Iceland: Arctic Biology
PADI: Open Water Diver

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