David A. Hsieh's Data Library:
Mutual Fund Risk Factors

Last Update: February 24, 2004.

Here are the eight standard asset classes used in our paper: "Empirical Characteristics of Dynamic Trading Strategies: The Case of Hedge
Funds" (Review of Financial Studies, 1997, Vol 10, pp. 275-302).

1. US Equities:
    MSCI North American Equities [Datastream series MSUSAM$(RI) ]

2. Non-US Equities:
    MSCI non-US Equities [Datastream series MSWXUS$(RI) ]

3. Emerging Market Equities:
    IFC Emerging Markets [Datastream series IFCOMP$(RI) ]

4. US Government Bonds:
    JPMorgan US Government Bonds [Datastream series USMGUSRI ]

5. Non-US Government Bonds:
    JPMorgan non-US Government Bonds [Datastream series USMGEXRI ]

6. One-month Eurodollar Deposit Return:
    One-month Eurodollar deposit rate of the previous month [Datastream series ECUSD1M ]

7. Spot Gold:
    London morning fixing [Datastream series GOLDBLN(UF) ]

8. US Dollar Index:
    Federal Reserive Traded Weighted Index of the US Dollar against Major Currencies, end of month of the daily series.
    Pre 1990 Download site:    http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h10/Summary/indexn89_b.txt
    Post 1990 Download site:  http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h10/Summary/indexn96_b.txt

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