Roberto Dainotto

Professor of Romance Studies & Professor of Literature

Roberto Dainotto /rəˈbɛrto daɪnotoʊ/noun
a. Professor of Italian and of Literature at Duke University.
b. Author of the edited volume Racconti Americani del ‘900 (Einaudi, 1999); Place in Literature: Regions, Cultures, Communities (Cornell UP, 2000); Europe (in Theory) (Duke UP, 2007), winner of the 2010 Shannon Prize in Contemporary European Studies; and Mafia: A Cultural History (Reaktion Books, 2015).
c. Presumptively working on a monograph devoted to Antonio Labriola (not Arturo!); on the intersections between meridionalismo and the Global South; and on the relation between historicism and the novel.

Office: 217A Languages Building
Campus Box: 90257