Math Camp

Math Camp

This is the course site for the summer Math Camp offered by the Economics Department at Duke University for entering PhD students and other kindred souls. Your instructor is Dan Graham <>.

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The Book

Detailed lecture notes for this course will be available on this site as the electronic document mathcamp-YY-MM-DD.pdf where YY-MM-DD is the date of the last revision. There are at least two reasons why you might prefer using the electronic version to a printed version.

  1. The document will be updated frequently, at least as often as mistakes and/or typos are noted.
  2. The electronic format is convenient. Graphs are colored in many cases and there are active links for the table of contents, the index, for problems with provided answers (to and from the answer) and for cross references to theorems, definitions and the like.


Mathematica is a symbolic algebra program that is available freely to all Duke students by virtue of a Duke University site license. It is an incredibly useful program in Economics --- Curt Taylor once remarked to me, for example, that he would never work with a coauthor who did not know how to use it. One of the goals for this course is that you become comfortable using it. The mathcamp document, contains a brief introduction to Mathematica as an appendix. Additionally, there are three short movies on this site, where # = 1, 2, 3, that I created to help you get started.

Before Class Starts

Make sure you have convenient access to Mathematica. Having it installed on your own computer is strongly recommended. With your Duke NetId and password, you can get it at

Watch the movies with Mathematica running so that you can try things out.