"Upon my arrival at Duke, Rachel reached out to me, as she did to so many people, to ensure that my college transition was smooth and memorable. I have many fond memories of Rachel's gregarious personality, love of life, warm heart, infectious smile, and generosity."




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We are grateful to the following individuals for their gifts and pledges to the Rachel Haberkern Sherman Memorial Scholarship.  Through this generosity, deserving students who exhibit a strong personal commitment to community service will be better able to afford a Duke University education and honor the legacy of Rachel Haberkern Sherman. This list reflects gifts processed by Duke through June 30, 2014.

Aristea Argeros
John Athridge
Mary and Tom Athridge
John Bastien
Brooke and Jenny Beacham
Heather Bennett
Brian and Kelley Berger
Bill and Lynne Bermont
Kristan and Ted Bills
Lauren and Doug Brigman
Laura Bronner
Adam and Jamie Brown
Colleen and Tom Bucher
Troy and Courtney Buer
Asila Calhoun
Heather Carkuff and Joe Joson
Mary (Poole) Clinch
Bridget and Tim Davis
Jennifer Davis
Ladd Dawson
Jennifer Dewar
Alice (Sy) and John Dolbow
Hank and Ann Marie Dong
Jonathan Dong
Duke Undergraduate Admissions
Mary and Griz Dwight
Brooke and Dustin Edge
Jason and Holly Eldred
Brooke and Greg Faulkner
Wade Fletcher and Tom Waalkes
Jerry and Dottie Francis
David and Shannon Frankel
Cali French
Lauren Germain
Meredith Goetz
Joyce Gooden
Jennifer Gowetski and Bob Len
Megan Grano and Mike Canale
Daniel Gunter
Mike and Barbara Gunter
Carlota Haberkern
Charles Haberkern
Connie Haberkern
Dick Haberkern
Phillip Haberkern and Danielle Dong
Julie and Mac Hammer
Rich and Tracy Harris
Bonnie and Jared Harrison
Carly Harrison
Matt and Jessica Hazlett
Beverly and Jim Heald
Jeff and Rhyanne Henley
Paul Hill
Jess (Beil) and Vince Hindman
Jane and Bill Hix
Katie (Higgins) Hood
Bob and Mary Hosea
Elizabeth Kean
Elizabeth (Ludwin) and Jeff King
David Klein
Jennifer Klein
Russell and Diane Klein
Tracy Kogan and Kevin Brown
Craig Kullman and Jennifer Podkul
Jason and Kimberly (Gunter) Layton
Judy Leavitt
Elizabeth Hosea Lemoine
Mac Ling
Shawn and Mike Lipinski
Kristen Martin
Nancy and John Martin
Steve McClelland
Cary and Jean McDonald
Alfred and Catherine Meyer
Patricia Meyer
Mike Mittman
Laura (Sherman) and Marc Monichetti
Patty (Stowe) Moore
Dick and Aphrodite Moraites
Anne and Tom Murray
Latha Naganna
Denyce Mylson and Joseph Olenick
Chris O'Neill
Laura Perkins
Kedrick Perry
Christine Pesetski
Ni Peterson
Jamaica and Jason Pfister
Ted and Joan Podkul
Timothy Podkul
Sarah Prosser
Brian Racilla
Rob Rakove
Mike Reilly and Jeff Blum
Blake and Jodi Remer
Bryan and Lynne Rhode
Anne Robinson
Katherine Robinson and Todd Rose
Walter and Judith Robinson
Frederick and Martina Roediger
Mal and Carol Rubenstein
Rebecca and Mike Schaefer
Bill and Stella Scott
Emelina Rachel Scott
JC and Marcela Scott
Marcie Scott
Kevin and Tricia See
Carrie Selberg
Dave Sherman
Gloria Sherman
Michael Sherman
Steven Sherman
Gordon and Tammy Sherman Howe
Elise and Mulford Simons
Kristine Singley
Jenny (Johnson) and Paul Sober
Margaret Stewart
Michelle (Kitchman) Strollo
Andrea Turpin
Brian Ullman
Cartoef and Selina van Panhuys
Josue and Maru Villalta
Suzanne Wasiolek
Bob and Marcia Whiting
Dorothy Whiting
Melinda Winter
Deb Wojcik
Carol Wojcik
Lawrence and Charlotte Wojcik
Tim Wojcik and Carolyn Agis
Lindsay and Debbie Yancey
Sandy (Duncan) and Aaron York

If your name is missing or listed incorrectly, please email david.frankel@duke.edu

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