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The AATK Style 

DEADLINE: MAY 10, 2004


In preparing your manuscript for inclusion in The Korean Language in America, the following guidelines are to be strictly observed:


1. System:   IBM PC-compatible, MS Word (English and Korean)

2. Margins:  Top 1.5”

                   Bottom 1”

                   Left 1.5”

3. Font size: Title 12, boldface

                    Name 11 point

                    Affiliation 11, italics

                    Text 10 point

4. Font type: English, Times New Roman

                     Korean, Sinmyengjo

5. Length:    15 pages maximum, single-spaced

6. Pagination: DO NOT number pages

7. Notes are to be entered at the bottom of each page (footnotes [footers]), NOT at the end of the paper (endnotes). Make sure a full one-inch margin is allowed after a footer.

8. A text written entirely in Korean is not encouraged. However, if you need to write your manuscript all in Korean, you must submit a summary written in English that is substantial enough for a person not well-versed in Korean to understand the core of your paper.

9. Have your manuscript checked (edited) by a native speaker of English.

**10. The manuscript that does not follow these guidelines will be returned.

        A manuscript may be submitted electronically to <haeyoung@duke.edu>.

          If you wish to send a hard copy (with a diskette, please),  mail it to:


                            Hae-Young Kim

                            Box 90414

                            2101 Campus Dr. 

                            Durham, NC  27708


     All manuscripts must be received by MAY 10, 2004 to be included in the ninth volume of The Korean Language in America.