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nonhomogeneous nonlinear ordinary differential equations

nonlinear systems of equations

random variables

These .m-functions can be used to compute probability distribution functions and to generate samples of random variables.
Distribution PDF, fX(x) CDF, FX(x) inverse CDF, FX-1(p) generate sample, x1 ... xN
uniform unifpdf.m unifcdf.m unifinv.m rand.m
triangular triangular_pdf.m triangular_cdf.m triangular_inv.m triangular_rnd.m
quadratic quadratic_pdf.m quadratic_cdf.m quadratic_inv.m quadratic_rnd.m
cubic cubic_pdf.m cubic_cdf.m cubic_inv.m cubic_rnd.m
quartic quartic_pdf.m quartic_cdf.m quartic_inv.m quartic_rnd.m
quintic quintic_pdf.m quintic_cdf.m quintic_inv.m quintic_rnd.m
normal normpdf.m normcdf.m norminv.m randn.m
log-normal logn_pdf.m logn_cdf.m logn_inv.m logn_rnd.m
Poisson Poisson_pmf.m Poisson_cdf.m Poisson_rnd.m
exponential exp_pdf.m exp_cdf.m exp_inv.m exp_rnd.m
Rayleigh Rayleigh_pdf.m Rayleigh_cdf.m Rayleigh_inv.m Rayleigh_rnd.m
gamma gamma_pdf.m gamma_cdf.m gamma_inv.m gamma_rnd.m
Laplace Laplace_pdf.m Laplace_cdf.m Laplace_inv.m Laplace_rnd.m
GEV GEV_pdf.m GEV_cdf.m GEV_inv.m GEV_rnd.m

nonlinear constrained optimization, in general

These .m-functions implement methods for minimizing a function of several parameters subject to a set of inequality constraints:
minimize f(x) such that g(x) ≤ 0,
where x is a vector of design variables, f(x) is a scalar-valued objective function, and g(x) is a vector of constraints.

nonlinear least squares via Levenberg-Marquardt

linear least squares with l1 regularization

signal processing

linear time-invariant systems analysis


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