Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer Clare Woods

Associate Professor

Department of Classical Studies

Duke University

Durham, NC 27708-0103

(919) 684-6067

FAX: (919) 681-4262


1997 (Mar.)    Ph.D. in Classics, King’s College London, funded by the British Academy

Title: “A Critical Edition of Sermons 42 - 64 from the Ninth-Century Latin Sermon Collection Compiled by Hrabanus Maurus for Archbishop Haistulf of Mainz.” (Supervisor: Carlotta Dionisotti)

1991 (Fall)      MA in Classics, King’s College London, funded by the British Academy, awarded with Distinction.

1990 (Sum.)    BA in Classics, King’s College London, First Class Hons.


2006 –           Duke University, Associate Professor of Classical Studies

1999 - 06       Duke University, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies in the Dept. of Classical Studies.

1997 – 99      University College Dublin, Lecturer in Late Latin and Palaeography

1993 – 96      Courtauld Institute of Art, London, Visiting Language Tutor

1992 – 94       City Literary Institute, London, Course Instructor (Medieval Latin)


Sole-authored Books:

Hrabani Mauri Sermones de festis praecipuis, item de uirtutibus et uitiis [Sermons for the major feastdays, and on the virtues and vices], cura et studio C. Woods, to be published in the Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Medievalis series, Turnhout, Brepols Publishers

Hrabanus Maurus, Sermons for Haistulf of Mainz, annotated translation of Hrabanus’ sermonary, with scholarly introduction. In progress.

Co-authored Books:

Domenico Allegri, Music for an Academic Defense (Rome, 1617), Edited by Antony John, with Historical and Textual Commentary by Louise Rice and Clare Woods, A-R Editions, Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era 134, Middleton, Wis., 2004

M. Crawford, F. Glinister, J. North and C. Woods, New critical edition, translation of, and commentary on Festus’ De verborum significatu, and Paul the Deacon’s epitome.  In progress.

Co-edited Books/Journals:

F. Glinister, C. Woods (ed), with J. North and M. Crawford, Verrius, Festus and Paul: Lexicography, Scholarship and Society. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Special Supplement, 2007

Donnchadh Ó Corráin, Jean-Michel Picard and Clare Woods (ed), proceedings of Collection Canonum Hibernensis: Text and Context (Conference held at University College Dublin, 1999), in Peritia 14 (2000) 1 – 110  

Articles and Reviews:

“Inmaculata, Incorrupta, Intacta”: Preaching Mary in the Carolingian Age.”  Under review as part of conference proceedings for a volume in Brepols’ new Sermo series.

“A Contribution to the King’s Library: Paul the Deacon’s epitome of Festus’ De verborum significatu.”  In Glinister, Woods (ed), with North and Crawford, Verrius, Festus and Paul: Lexicography, Scholarship and Society. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Special Supplement, 2007, 222 - 276

“Six New Sermons by Hrabanus Maurus on the Virtues and Vices,” Revue Bénédictine 107 (1997) 280 – 306

Review of M. De Nonno, P. De Paolis, L. Holtz (edd.) Manuscripts and Tradition of Grammatical Texts from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Proceedings of a Conference held at Erice, 16 – 23 October 1997, as the 11th Course of International School for the Study of Written Records (Cassino: Edizioni dell’Università 2000) in Classical Review 55, 1 (2005) 165 – 67

Review of Bengt Löfstedt (ed), Hrabani Mauri Expositio in Matthaeum. CCCM 174 - 174A.Turnhout: Brepols, 2000, in Journal of Medieval Latin 13 (2004) 271 - 74

Review of A. Moscadi, Il Festo Farnesiano, in Classical Review 52, 1 (2002) 197-98

Review of F. A. C. Mantello and A. G. Rigg (eds), Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide, Catholic Univ. of America Press, 1996, in Medium Aevum 67, 2 (1998) 316 – 18

“Preaching sanctity: Hrabanus’ sermons for the feastdays of saints.”  In progress.

“Ezekiel and the Articulation of Anxiety: Jerome, Gregory the Great and Rome under Attack”. In progress.

Grants, Awards, and Scholarships

2009- 11          Franklin Humanities Institute Funding ($7000 + $5000) for Interdisciplinary Working Group, Experiencing Virtual Worlds

2007- 08          Duke University, Langford Lectureship Award

2004 - 05          Duke University, A. W. Mellon Assistant Professor of

                         Classical Studies

2003 - 04          University College London, Research Fellow, funded by the (British) Arts and Humanities Research Board: for work on the Festus Lexicon Project.

2002 – 03        Duke University, Grant ($3000), Arts and Sciences Committee on Faculty Research: for consultation of manuscripts in Leiden University Library, and purchase of microfilm for Festus Lexicon project.

2000                Duke University, Award for New Research Initiatives in the International Field:  to commence work on Festus Lexicon Project with team based at University College London, and for consultation of manuscripts in London and Rome.

1996                British School at Rome, Two-month Scholarship: for research into early medieval sermon material in the Vatican Library.

1995 –  96         Frances A. Yates Fellowship at the Warburg Institute, London (originally awarded to 1997, but relinquished Dec. 1996 to begin lectureship at University College Dublin.).

1993 (Spring)  Travel Grant, awarded by the British Academy: to visit manuscript collections in Paris, Munich and Rome.


At Professional Meetings (refereed):

2011                “The Gift of Books in Early Medieval Francia,” at The International Medieval

                          Congress (Leeds, UK)

2008                “Inmaculata, Incorrupta, Intacta”: Preaching Mary in the Carolingian Age,” at Compilers, Preachers and their Audiences in the Early Middle Ages, International Symposium, Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Vienna, Austria.

2006a                “Preaching sanctity: Hrabanus’ sermons for the feastdays of saints,” at The International Medieval Congress (Leeds, UK)

2006b                “To err is human, to emend divine?”  Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (APA, Montreal, Canada)

2005                “Festus and Roman Colour Perception,” at the APA Annual Meeting (Boston)

2004                “Froben Forster and Alcuin: scholars, teachers and their patrons,” at The International Medieval Congress (Leeds, UK)

2001                “Ezekiel and the Articulation of Anxiety,” at the South Eastern Medieval Association Annual Meeting (New Orleans)

1998                “Bishops and the Black Arts: Firmicus Maternus in the Eleventh Century,” at the Third International Medieval Latin Congress (Cambridge, England)


2011                “Books, Libraries and Literary Culture in World of Warcraft,” to the Frontiers of New Media Workshop, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

2009                   Respondent, Final Panel of “Subversive Classics,” Classics in Conflict Symposium, Stanford University, April 2-4, 2009

2007                “Scholarship and gift giving in Carolingian Francia.”  Langford Lecture at Duke University

2004a                “To err is human, to emend divine?  Editing a ninth-century sermon collection,” to the Texts and Transmission Summer School, Institute of Classical Studies, London

2004b                “Ezekiel and the Articulation of Anxiety: Jerome, Gregory the Great and Rome under Attack,” to the London Society for Medieval Studies

2004c                “'Schools' and ‘School Texts’ in the Early Medieval West,” to the Earlier Middle Ages Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, London

2002a                “The manuscript transmission of Paul the Deacon’s epitome of Festus’ De verborum significatu,” Festus Lexicon Conference, University College London

2002b                “Cultural Wealth: the Power of Poetry in the Later Fourth Century,” at the Colloquium “Power and Paideia in the 4th Century CE,” Department of Classical Studies and Center for Late Ancient Studies, Duke University,

2000                “Decent  and Indecent Proposals: Women and Marriage in the Hibernensis,” to Center for Late Ancient Studies, Duke University

1999                “Towards a critical edition of the Hibernensis,” to the Seminar on Problems in the Transmission of Greek and Latin Texts, Cambridge, England

1998a                “Biblical and Patristic Authority in the Sermons of Hrabanus Maurus,”  to the Board of Medieval Studies MPhil Seminar, University College, Dublin

1998b                “The Stars Speak: the Liber Iudiciorum of Raymond of Marseilles,”  to the Dublin Classics Seminar

1996                Six New Sermons by Hrabanus Maurus on Discipline, Fornication and other Virtues and Vices,” at the British School, Rome

1995a                “Hrabanus and the Bible: Scriptural Citation in a Ninth-Century Sermon Collection,” to the Director’s Work in Progress Seminar, Warburg Institute, London

1995b                “Carolingian Latin: an Assessment from the Evidence of Hrabanus’s Sermon Collection for Haistulf of Mainz,” to the Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar at the Institute of Classical Studies, London

Conference organized

1999 (Mar.)       Collectio Canonum Hibernensis: Text and Context  at University College Dublin. The proceedings of the conference, edited by Donnchadh Ó Corráin, Jean-Michel Picard and Clare Woods, appeared in Peritia 14 (2000) 1 – 110.

Conference panel organized

2005                Roman Life and Society in Festus’ Lexicon at the APA Annual Meeting.  Panel participants: Dr Fay Glinister (UCL), ‘Festus on Roman mentalities’; Prof. John North (UCL), ‘Festus on Roman ritual’; Dr Clare Woods (Duke Univ.), ‘Festus on colour’; Dr Rebecca Flemming (KCL), ‘Festus and the gendering of Roman religion’.  The panel session closed with a demonstration of the Festus Lexicon database.

Membership in Professional Societies

American Philological Association

Medieval Academy of America

Medieval Latin Studies Group


Undergraduate Courses

CLST 45S.01            Images of Saints and Sinners: Medieval Role Models 

CLST 85FCS            Myth, Dream and Vision: Imaginary Worlds

CLST 85FCS            Good and Evil in Imagined Worlds

CLST 132 / MedRen 132A    Myth in Literature

CLST 196S              Rome: City & Symbol (Junior/Senior Seminar)

CLST 196S              Dreams and Visions (Junior/Senior Seminar)

LAT 76                    Advanced Intermediate Latin (selections from Virgil’s


LAT 63                         Intermediate Latin

LAT 104S               Latin Epistle: The correspondence of  Heloise and


LAT 107S                 Roman Drama

LAT 136S                   Interpreting Rome

Summer 2003 and 2009            Director, Duke in Rome Program


The Classical Tradition (course offered at University College Dublin)

Beginners' Medieval Latin (my own beginners’ language course developed

at City Literary Institute primarily for medieval historians and subsequently

offered also at University College Dublin)

Graduate Courses

CLST 240        Literary Culture of the Latin Middle Ages

LAT 200           Survey of Latin Literature

LAT 240S        Medieval and Renaissance Latin

Focus varies. Previous iterations include:

Medieval and Renaissance Astrology

Renaissance of the Twelfth Century

Medieval Latin Literature Survey

LAT 284S         Seminar in Latin Palaeography

LAT 301           Seminar in Latin Literature (Carolingian


Latin Textual Criticism is offered in rotation, or may be taken as a graduate-level, independent study

Ph.D. Committees


2010        Ariel Bybee Laughton (Dept. of Religion), “Ambrose and the Others: Reading Virginity in Fourth-Century Milan”

2009        Bart Huelsenbeck (Dept. of Classical Studies), “Seneca the Elder’s Oratorum et rhetorum sententiae, diuisiones, colores

2008        Rachel Stroumsa (Dept. of Classical Studies), “The Peoples of Nessana”

2008        Molly Pryzwansky (Dept. of Classical Studies), “Feminine Imperial Ideals in the Caesares of Suetonius”

2007        Greg Bell (Dept. of History), “Logistics of the First Crusade”

2005        Garry Crites (Dept. of Religion), “Power Shifts: Early Christian Fasting and the Restructuring of Community”

2003        Megan Drinkwater-Ottone (Dept. of Classical Studies), “Epic and Elegy in Ovid’s Heroides: Paris, Helen and Homeric Intertext”

2002        Sam Findley (Dept. of Classical Studies), “Theognis, Tibullus and the Effacement of Poetic Self”


Matt Woodworth (Dept. of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies), “The Thirteenth-Century Choir and Transepts of Beverley Minster”; Alex Meyer (Classical Studies), "The Composition, Character, Service and Settlement of Auxiliary Units Raised in the Spanish Provinces"; Sarah Griffin (Dept. of Music), “Musicorum et cantorum magna est distancia: The Representation of Bad Singers in Medieval Literature and Song”; Jessica Vahl, “Native Hardship, Resentment and Revolt in the Roman Empire: The Case of the Batavians” (Classical Studies); Maria Doerfler, “‘If you are to judge the world...’: Monastic Formation, Episcopal Authority and Conceptions of Justice in Late Antiquity” (Religion)


Duke University

2010-                Serving on the Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty

2010                 (October 13-21) Faculty Director, Duke Alumni Tour of Amalfi Coast

2009-2011                Co-convenor of working group, Experiencing Virtual Worlds

2008-2011       Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Classical Studies

2007- 09           Member, Transcultural Humanities Steering Committee

2006- 09           Director of Undergraduate Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies     Program

2006-2011       Director, Center for Late Ancient Studies

2006                 Director, Focus program: Memory and Invention, Medieval and Renaissance Worlds

2005 – 06         Department Representative, Arts and Sciences Council

2005-                Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, member of Executive         Committee

2001 – 04         Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, member of Executive  Committee

2000-                Center for Late Ancient Studies, member of Executive Committee

2000-                Refereed articles for Church History and Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Service External to Duke

2011-                Member of the APA TLL Fellowship Committee

University College Dublin

1997 – 99        Board of Medieval Studies, member