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grk rdg list course


Joshua D. Sosin

coordinates: TTh 0830-0945, Allen 229

Classical Studies, 229A Allen Bldg. & 2nd floor Bostock
OH: by appt
and any time you find me on campus;
I am generally here M-F 0600-1600
I read email M-F 0600-1600

spiel: This course is designed to help you (a) to develop your growing sense of the range and scope of Greek literature, (b) to improve the ease, facility, and speed with which you read (c) to get a jump on the reading list (most texts are drawn from the second half of the reading list; see the green cells in the syllabus--yellow cells for non-reading list readings).

screed: Translate from a clean text. You learn to read Greek by reading Greek. If it is your practice to bring vocab lists, annotated xeroxes, written translations, or (gasp!) marked-up books, please wean yourself from the habit by the end of week two, beyond which they are not allowed. If you forget a word, ask a fellow student. If no one knows, as me. If I don't know we'll look it up together.

slog: The pace will be brisk but reasonable. We might not be able to translate all of a given day's assigned reading in class. Quizzes will cover all material.

wk for Tu. for Thu.

08/25 - Oikos / moichos
READ: Lys. 1 (8pp Green and Yellow) (Todd on same)

08/27 -
FINISH: Lys. 1


09/01 - Home invasion
READ: Lys. 12.1-34(4pp)

09/03 - Home invasion
READ: Lys. 12.69-end (4+pp)

quiz 1; return by Mon 0900.


09/08 - Father(!), murder(??), piety(???)
READ: Pl. Euth. 1-8e (<11pp Burnet)

09/10 - Father(!), murder(??), piety(???)
READ: Pl. Euth. 9-16 (11.5 pp)


09/15 - Thuc. 1.24-31 (5pp OCT) (comm)

09/17 - Thuc. 1.32-43 (7pp OCT)



09/22 - Thuc. 1.44-55 (6pp OCT)

09/24 - Thuc. 1.56-68 (6+pp OCT)

quiz 2; return by Mon 0900.


09/29 - Thuc. 1.69-76 (6pp OCT)

10/01 - Thuc. 1.77-88 (6.5pp OCT)


10/06 - Thuc. ... keep at it.

10/08 - Intimate Commerce
READ: [Dem] 59.1-24 (8pp OCT)


10/13 - FALL BREAK

10/15 - Intimate Commerce
[Dem] 59.25-50 (8pp)


10/20 - Intimate Commerce
[Dem] 59.51-76 (8pp)

10/22 - Intimate Commerce
READ: [Dem] 59.77-103 (8pp)

quiz 3; return by Mon 0900.


10/27 - Intimate Commerce
READ: [Dem] 59.104-126 (7.5pp)

10/29 - Making house
READ: Men. Dysk. 1-247 (comm)


11/03 - Making house
READ: Men. Dysk. 248-486

11/05 - Making house
READ: Men. Dysk. 487-726

quiz 4; return by Mon 0900.


11/10 - Making house
READ: Men. Dysk. 727-968

11/12 - Making man
READ: Plut. Per. 3-8 (7pp Stadter)


11/17 - Making man
READ: Plut. Per. 9-10, 15-20 (3pp, 6pp)

11/19 - Making man
READ: Plut. Per. 21-24, 29-31 (5pp, <4pp )

quiz 5; return by Mon 0900.

14 11/24 - Making man
READ: Plut. Per. 32-39 (9.5+pp)

11/26 - TGIVING


  1. daily translation: 50% of grade; this is the most critical feature of the course. We shall devote the bulk of each day in class to translating aloud, quickly, fluently, confidently.

  2. quizzes: 30% of grade; every couple or few weeks you will have the opportunity to take a translation quiz. Procedure as follows:
    • I'll distribute the quiz in class on Thursday;
    • take the quiz at your leisure over the weekend, spending no more than 75 minutes;
    • type; do not use notes, dictionaries, translations, or any other aids;
    • mark and grade a copy; feel free to use any aids you like while you are marking and grading (commentaries, translations, dictionaries, all fine).
    • by 0900 on the following Monday email me (1) a clean copy of the quiz and (2) your marked-up copy.
    • by Friday I'll return both, with my own marks and grades
    • compare my marks and yours

  3. final exam: 20% of grade; translation exam, closed book.

How I grade / calculate grades:

  • Grading Written Translations:
    • I assign a total number of points per passage, based on the number of lines (e.g. 4 points per line).
    • I underline words / parts of words (if, say, tense or number or case are wrong or incorrectly construed but the word’s dictionary meaning is right) in the Greek that have been translated incorrectly.
    • I squiggly-underline words that have been translated sub-optimally but are right-ish.
    • I subtract points based roughly on presence of underlined passages; this is not a strictly mathematical process; one translation may have fewer underlined words and nevertheless fall far short of coherent English, while another may have slightly more underlined words, but indicate clearer control of meaning. That figure, a percentage, provides the starting point for further calculation based on fluency of English, command of Greek and English idiom, control of finer points of grammar vel sim.
    • I shall review all of this in class.
  • Grading In-Class Translations
    • Immediately after every class I enter into a spreadsheet (1) a grade for the day and, often, (2) brief notes on your performance.
    • At the end of the semester I calculate an average daily reading grade. That figure, a percentage, provides the starting point for calculation of translation grade--scope left for adjustment for progress.
    • If at any point you have questions, ask.