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   The Center's Director of Undergraduate Studies advises students
in planning their course schedules to meet requirements for the 
major or minor. The DUS should be consulted to formulate academic
goals, to make plans for achieving them, and to solve any problems
encountered or anticipated. Majors and minors should meet with the
DUS prior to preregistration each semester as needed. 

For a wonderful website that brings together all the information on
undergraduate curricular policies and requirements scattered throughout
the Undergraduate Bulletin, in an edited and useable way, go to:


   For those majors wanting to complete an honors thesis, it is 
especially important to meet with the DUS sometime in your junior 
year to plan this project. See the link for the requirements and 
procedures for the honors project.

   For lots of useful advising information on Trinity College 
requirements and regulations, where you can find answers to many common 
questions, see the Trinity College list of advising links.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies for the 2003-04 year is Ann
marie Rasmussen, Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and 

Ann Marie Rasmussen
Dept. of Germanic Languages and Literature
116C Old Chem. Bldg.
Box 90256
email: amras@acpub.duke.edu