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	The following links have been divided into several categories.  
The first group consists of guides to the tangible reference materials 
available in the Duke Libraries or through Inter Library Loan. The other 
three categories will guide you to online materials. Georgetown's 
"Labyrinth" is the most highly recommended point of entry; it is 
wide-ranging and easily navigable. The third category consists of several 
sites which offer a large, thematically varied selection of primary 
documents online. The last group of links features sites with a 
combination of primary and critical information about specific subsets of 
Medieval and Renaissance studies.  
Happy hunting!

Guides to Library Reference Sources

Duke University Libraries Resources in Medieval and Renaissance Studies Joline Ezzell (our patron-saint library specialist in Perkins Humanities Reference) has compiled a handy annotated listing of research guides, databases and indexes, electronic journals, and Internet resources held by or accessed in the Duke collections. Especially note the Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Microfilm Sets at Duke University Libraries, which lists microfilm sets of primary sources valuable for research; and the Guide to Selected Medieval and Renaissance Sources at Duke University Libraries, which includes a list of encyclopedias, general surveys, and reference works, as well as bibliographies and other research guides for locating books and journals. The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) Click "Enter databases," and then click "IMB" The IMB is the world's leading interdisciplinary bibliography of the European Middle Ages, covering Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa in the period 400-1500. The database comprises over 300,000 articles derived from regular coverage of some 4,500 periodicals and 5,000 miscellany volumes (conference proceedings, essay collections, Festschriften, and exhibition catalogues). All articles are classified with full bibliographical details and subject classifications and indexing familiar to medievalists. The IMB was founded in 1967 with the support of the Medieval Academy of America. Its editorial staff is based at the International Medieval Institute at the University of Leeds, and the project is supported by over 50 teams of contributors in Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan. Perkins Library subscribes to this major resource. Iter An index of journals pertaining to all aspects of the European Renaissance and Middle Ages THE Best Place to Start The Labyrinth Online library of primary documents in French, Iberian, Italian, Latin, Middle English, and Old English, as well as modern online journals. Extensive collection of resources (articles, links, etc.) grouped by national cultures, topics of international culture (e.g., archaeology, cartography, music, etc.), and special topics (e.g., Arthurian studies). Also features an extensive list of links to medieval organizations and publications. Primary Documents, Multi-Topic The Internet Medieval Sourcebook Thousands of full-text primary documents, indexed by topic. Very well-organized. Also includes a great selection of maps and reviews of medieval movies. The Luminarium Biographical and critical commentary, as well as full-text versions of the works of: 9 medieval authors, 29 Renaissance authors, and 25 17th-century authors. TEAMS series Searchable versions of many of the texts printed in the Middle English Texts Series (TEAMS). Bodley Manuscripts Access to approximately 1,000 images from manuscripts in Oxford's Bodleian Library. Resources, by Topic Art Index of Art and Art History Index of nearly 500 links pertaining to medieval art and art history, searchable by topic and geographic location. Art and Architecture Source for historical and visual information about medieval art and architecture, searchable by geographic location. Metropolitan Museum of Art An online catalogue of some of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's medieval art collection, considered to be one of the richest in the world. Byzantine Studies Index of Byzantine Studies Index of links pertaining to Byzantine medieval studies. Church History The Catholic Encyclopedia Online version of the 15-volume reference work. The material is wide-ranging, but sometimes dated. Guide to Early Church Documents Annotated links to files relating to the early church, including canonical documents, creeds, the writings of the Apostolic fathers, and other historical texts. Catholic Writings People/spok/catholic/writings.html Links to documents ranging in topic from Scripture to modern popes. Iberian Studies The Library of Iberian Resource On-line Features full-text versions of recent, but out-of-print books on the Iberian peninsula in the Middle Ages Italian Studies Index of Italian History Extensive, well-annotated index of links to sites concerning Italian history from Paleolithic to contemporary times, each era divided into subcategories such as art, biographies, bibliographies, science, etc. Language Resources The Old English Aerobics Room Texts and exercises for students of Old English. Medieval Latin/English Word List Philosophy and Theology Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Index of Internet Theology Resources Science Index of Science Index of links pertaining to medieval science, organized by topic. Shakespeare Shakespeare Resources This is a comprehensive bibliography of printed and electronic sources at Perkins Library for studying Shakespeare and the culture of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, including electronic editions, biographical resources, language tools, historical resources, journals, and internet sites. Women Women's Religious Communities A collection of resources for the study of women's religious communities in medieval Europe. Includes biographies, profiles of religious communities, primary sources, and an image library. Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index Database of journal articles, book reviews, and essay collections about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages.