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Figures and Research Tid Bits

Our new book is out!: Network Analysis: Integrating Social Network Theory, Method and Application with R.

·                     The book comes with an extensive set of R labs  to help you implement the concepts discussed in the text.



 1 Network Analysis Today

Part I Thinking Structurally

 2 What Is Social Structure?

 3 What Is a Social Network?

 4 How Are Social Network Data Collected?

 5 How Are Social Network Data Visualized?

Part II Seeing Structure

 6 Structuration and Ego-Centric Networks

 7 Sociality and Elementary Forms of Structure

 8 Cohesion and Groups

 9 Hierarchy and Centrality

10 Positions and Roles

11 Affiliations and Dualities

12 Networks and Culture

Part III Making Structural Predictions

13 Models for Networks

14 Models for Network Diffusion

15 Models for Social Influence


16 Network Analysis Tomorrow


·         Duke Interdisciplinarity poster (2018) interactive network map, examples of tile viz..

·         Duke Intellectual Atlas poster (.pdf) interactive main figure (2018 update)

·         My old SPAN sas programs (which, honestly, still work well J).  The K-cohesion subset w. example data.

·         Very select list of presentations (ppt files)

o   North American Social Network keynote presentation (2018)

o   SRA dinner presentation, 2015 (names redacted to protect the guilty)

o   Greater than a Pretty Picture (network viz, 2016)

o   Network Timing & Diffusion (walks through basics of timing effects on diffusion)


Publications (incomplete, CV link above is most up-to-date)

·         Neray, Balint,  Molly Copeland, James Moody. (2023). “Our Friends Keep Us Together: The Stability of Adolescents’ Cross-Race Friendships.” Social Forces. https://doi.org/10.1093/sf/soad025

·         M. Giovanna Merli, James Moody, Ashton Verdery, Mark Yacoub. (2023). “Demography's Changing Intellectual Landscape: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Leading Anglophone Journals, 1950–2020.” Demography 2023; 10714127. doihttps://doi.org/10.1215/00703370-10714127

·         pdf copy of the main figure here (big file!); Duke press release here.

·         Link to  the primary figure here:  Chains Figure 2 .


Courses (email me for updated syllabus & such)