James Moody
Duke University

Department of Sociology

Duke Network Analysis Center

Email: jmoody77@duke.edu




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Figures and Research TidBits

·         Covid-19 Daily Deaths Chart

·         Covid-19 Scale Up Map

·         Covid literature map (from May, so out of date)

·         Duke Interdisciplinarity poster (2018) interactive network map, examples of tile viz..

·         Duke Intellectual Atlas poster (.pdf) interactive main figure (2018 update)

·         My old SPAN sas programs (which, honestly, still work well J).  The K-cohesion subset w. example data.

·         Very select list of presentations (ppt files)

o   North American Social Network keynote presentation (2018)

o   SRA dinner presentation, 2015 (names redacted to protect the guilty)

o   Greater than a Pretty Picture (network viz, 2016)


Publications (incomplete, CV link above is most up-to-date)

·         pdf copy of the main figure here (big file!); Duke press release here.

·         Link to  the primary figure here:  Chains Figure 2 .


Courses (email me for updated syllabus & such)