Social Networks: Introduction and Overview

Slide Deck 1:

1.       Intro

2.       History & current state of the field

3.       Data Elements/Modes

4.       Data collection & management

5.       Ego Network Analysis

6.       Global Network Properties

a.       Connectivity, Distance, Cohesion

b.       Centrality & Centralization

c.       Triads / Motifs

d.       Peer groups/Community Detection

e.       Role Structures

Slide Deck 2:

7.       Visualization

8.       Modeling Diffusion & Peer influence

a.       Static networks

b.       Dynamic networks

c.       Dealing with Endogeneity

Slice Deck 3:

9.       Graph Randomization & Regression

a.       Endogeneity issues?

b.       Alternatives

c.       ERGM Models

d.       SIENA Models

e.       STI Examples:

                                                               i.      HIV in China,

                                                             ii.      Race disparity in STD

                                                           iii.      Different roles of Sex vs. Drug ties

PAJEK Tutorial: