Network Movies
This page contains examples of network animations.  Most of these are links to movies in the paper:
"Dynamic Network Visualization: Methods for Meaning with Longitudinal Network Movies" by Moody, McFarland and Bender-deMoll.

At the end, I also include a number of links to alternative movies, just for comparison sake.

SoNIA creates QuickTime (.MOV) movies. These are the highest quality display, and we reccomend using that format.  You can download a copy of quicktime (which works for Apple and Windows based operating systems) at:   (I don't think you need to really register for the download to work.)

For those using other operating systems, we have created alternative MPEG (.MPG), MacroMedia Flash (.SWF), and .AVI versions.  Most browsers allow you to use one of these versions automatically.  The quality of the movie is considerably lower, though the .AVI is among the best of the these.  They tend to have a much more 'fuzzy' appearance (almost as if the drawing were done w. crayons), which is why we reccommend using the QuickTime format if you can.

When playing the .swf files, right-clicking on the mouse will allow you to stop the movie from running in a continuous loop.

You should be able to play the movies by just clicking on the link once QuickTime is integrated into your browser.  Else, simply download by right-clicking on the link and save to your drive.

Movies from Dynamic Network Visualization:

  1. Movie 1.  Sociology coauthorship flip book (GIF: 37Kb)
  2. Movie 2.  Jefferson Romantic Ties flip book (GIF: 32Kb)
  3. Movie 3. Simulated Social Balance Processes (20,070 Kb)
  4. Movie 4. Newcomb's Fraternity - KK example (6,748 KB)
  5. Movie 5. Newcomb's Fraternity -- FR example (7,842 Kb)
  6. Movie 6. Newcomb's Fraternity -- PI example (12,774 Kb)
  7. Movie 7. Class 173: Ritual Development. (10,048 Kb))
  8. Movie 8. Class 182: Ignoring Authority (4,261 Kb)
Other Movies (all in .MOV format)
The following provide some interesting contrasts of different layout techniques.  These are alternative classroom movies.  There are two contrasting classes, one quite stable, the other quite rowdy. You can find more information on the SoNIA program, used to create these movies here.

We did some early work on the Sampson Monastery data.  These are dynamic GIF files in a new page, so use your "Back" button to get you back to this page.