Jordan Axt

A Little About Me

I am from Denver, Colorado. No, I do not ski.

I went to Duke University for my bachelor's degree. While there, I took a cognitive psychology course with Roberto Cabeza and was immediately hooked. I worked for a few years in Dr. Cabeza's lab studying the cognitive neuroscience of memory, as well as in the lab of Stephen Mitroff, researching visual cognition. Eventually, I became more interested in social psychology, completing an honor's thesis under Phillip Costanzo.

After Duke, I went on to a one-year master's degree at the University of Chicago, working with Bernd Wittenbrink on a project investigating how Black faces capture attention. The following year, I worked for Bernd and Joshua Correll as their lab manager.

I received my PhD from UVA in 2017. I am now back at Duke as a post-doctoral researcher, splitting time between Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight and Aaron Kay's Lab at Fuqua.