Jenny Tung

Jenny is the lab PI. She is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology and a Faculty Associate of the Duke University Population Research Institute.

Contact her at: jt5 at duke dot edu

Shauna Morrow

Shauna is the lab manager. She facilitates the research interests of the lab by keeping things running smoothly. While her background is primarily in molecular biology and genetics, she finds that the relationship between those things and evolution and behavior is fascinating!

Contact her at: smorrow at duke dot edu

Amanda Lea

NSF Graduate Research Program Fellow

James B. Duke Fellow

Amanda is a Ph.D. student in Duke’s University Program in Ecology and is co-advised by Jenny and Susan Alberts. She is interested in the impact of early life environment (both social and ecological) on gene regulation, behavior, and fitness. At the cellular level, Amanda is interested in links between environmental variation and epigenetic modifications that lead to long-term changes in gene expression and cellular function. At the organismal level, Amanda studies the influence of kin and social experience during the juvenile period on behavior later in life.

Contact her at: amanda dot lea at duke dot edu or check out her website

Noah Snyder-Mackler

Duke Population Research Institute Fellow

NSF SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Noah is a postdoc in the lab. He is interested in the interaction between behavior, genotype and gene expression in response to chronic social stress. Specifically, he studies how genetic and behavioral variation might insulate individuals from the detrimental effects of social stress on health. He is also interested in whether and how social stress effects recapitulate changes observed during aging.

Contact him at: nms15 at duke dot edu or check out his website

Amanda Shaver

Amanda is a technician in the lab. She is involved in developing and implementing protocols associated with our research on baboons. She also helps to update our relational database, Babase, with new data from the field. While she is new to animal behavior, she is very interested in learning more about the interplay between genetics and behavior.

Contact her at: amanda dot shaver at duke dot edu