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Mentos Booby Trap

After watching several movies displaying the awesome power of the mentos and Diet Coke reaction I decided that this power needed to be harnessed in a more devious way. At first I contemplated what would happen if you added a mentos to a full bottle of diet coke and screwed the cap on immediately. The biggest issue with this approach, is that anybody who has ever opened a bottle of coke, always twists the cap very cautiously for those first few degrees. However, if somebody gets past that initial hiss with no ill effects, they will never expect a Coke geyser to hit them in the face as they pull the cap entirely off. This is a fairly simple task to accomplish, the how to is documented in THIS VIDEO , as well as below. If you guys pull this prank on somebody else and capture it on video, I will definitely link to it here, so just email me.


Diet Coke bottle (any size will work)
Needle and thread
Piece of thin plastic from an impossible to open plastic container


Crazy Glue

Step 1:

First we need to thread the mentos. I do this by holding a needle and thread with pliers and slowly pushing it through the mentos. Just be careful not to stick yourself because a good deal of force is required to puncture the outer shell on the mentos. Also, it is best to use the same color thread as the cap on the Diet Coke. Note that sometimes the needle makes too big of a hole in the mentos, and it falls right off the thread. If this is the case, I usually bite another mentos in half, and force some of the sticky inside part into the hole, making the thread stick. You can probably even use a tiny piece of tape, the key is to have the mentos barely suspended, so that it can slide of the thread pretty easily.
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Step 2:

Here is where the thin piece of plastic comes in. We need to cut out a circle that is the same size as the top of the coke bottle. I simply place the plastic on top of the bottle and trace a circle. There needs to be a hole in the middle for the thread to go through and possibly several other holes for the mentos spray. You can experiment with different patterns if you want, just make sure there is a hole in the center for the thread, and it is not larger than the mentos.
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Step 3:

Thread the mentos through the piece of plastic and then glue the plastic to the top of the bottle using the crazy glue. Be very careful with this step, because if you lower the mentos into the diet coke, things will get ugly, and if you lift it up too much, the mentos will fall off, and things will get ugly. I usually tape the thread to the side of the bottle and wait for the crazy glue to dry.

Step 4:

Now we need to bore a small hole in the top of the cap. I usually use a tiny drill bit, but I bet you could melt a hole by heating up a needle, just use pliers (not your hand) to hold the needle as you heat it up. After the crazy glue is dry, we need to thread the needle through the cap and screw it down. Finally, pull the thread until the mentos is at the very top of the bottle, and glue the thread to the cap.

Step 5:

Cut the thread flush with the top of the cap. You may want to put a price tag over the top or cover it with some white out to make it less noticeable. Although, if somebody does notice it, they will probably investigate it by taking off the cap anyway.

Disclaimer: Although diet coke does not stain, it still makes a huge mess, ruins electronics, and can even turn friends into non-friends. Use this information at your own risk.

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