I am an IT manager at Duke University. My current focus is Web Development and Systems Administration for the Trinity College of Arts & Science as I transition to Duke’s Office of Information Technology.

Please Use trinitywebsupport@duke.edu for all support-related correspondence. This will better ensure our team can better help you.

If you need to schedule time with me, here is my work calendar.

Click here for a map view of our office and what you need to go to get here.

Due to COVID-19 I have been working remotely. However, please feel free to use the contact and scheduling information above and I will coordinate a remote Zoom meeting.

Recent posts

In the Jekyll garden

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Continuing my research on a static website workflow, I’m spinning up a new personal website as an excuse to try building a new Jekyll-based static website. D...

Drupal Multisite on a Dime

2 minute read

or How we Adopted CI/CD for TCA&S’s Drupal Multisite Hosting for Trinity’s 100 Drupal websites

Introduction to Drupal

1 minute read

Training for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences’ new Drupal content editors