DrupalCon Nashville 2018 – 04-11-2018 Wednesday

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Keynote: Drupal and the secret of my success — Steve Francia


  • Biography, startup failures
  • Introducing Drupal for MongoDB site
  • Emulating Drupal’s community techniques
  • Hugo, Docker involvement
  • Illness, life lessons
  • Key for success
    • Open Source
    • Collaborative Development
    • Community Engagement
  • Steve’s message: Don’t stop


Easily the best non-Dries keynote I’ve attended yet.


  • OPIN, a Canadian firm. Works with SUNY.
  • OneOrigin has an interesting A.I. technology that assists with creating faceted searching without SOLR.
  • BlueSpark as I was favorably impressed by their COO’s presentation. Marketing guy is a Duke Fuqua grad. Perhaps I can pick the COO’s brain about other performance measurements and capability assessment?

Don’t trust your gut: agency operations metrics

Session summary by presenter:

I’ll admit it, I love spreadsheets. So when I attended a session by Sean Larkin* called, “Scaling your business starts with the right spreadsheets: performance metrics” at Drupalcon LA, I was excited to take what I had learned and apply it to my own agency. I was inspired. I immediately adopted these same spreadsheets and started adapting them to fit my needs as Chief Operating Officer.

  • Billable hours matrix
  • Megasheet

  • Stepping through measurements and their impact on constraints
  • Cost recovery and profit focused, but still valid capacity, capability and status measures

A smarter Way to Test Accessibility - a comparison of top tools (Lighthouse, Tenon.io and WAVE API)

  • What should automated web accessibility tell us?
  • Tools
    • Lighthouse (Google)
    • Tenon (commercial)
    • WAVE (commercial)
    • Types of tools
      • Dev-facing
      • Compliance-facing
    • Comparison of the above
    • Lighthouse has an API and a Node package
      • Runs script as a pre-commit git hook
    • AI can better help with accessibility analysis

How to build a Drupal site with Composer AND keep all of your hair

This session will cover everything you need to know to build and maintain a Drupal application using Composer. We’ll start Merriam Webster’s definition of Composer (not really) and walk you through step-by-step until you have a fully built Drupal codebase. There’s no prior knowledge or experience required. But if you’re already a seasoned Composer user, we’ve got a few tips for you too!

  • Covered basics
  • Drupal template project
  • Drupal module updates
  • what required-dev is for
  • Reduced production deployments
  • You can find this code here: https://grasmash.github.io/drupal-composer-training/#create-a-new-project

Good-bye DrupalCon

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