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2019 DrupalCon Higher Ed Summit

4 minute read

The Higher Ed Summit organizers had considerably redesigned the schedule and makeup of the summit. I say to a significantly improved format.

Old Again, New Again

3 minute read

Low-carb living has given me the confidence to spend time and money on my professional appearance.


bundle test

1 minute read

testing the feasibility of incorporating reveal.js into my blog

My Morning Routine

8 minute read

How stumbling into a morning routine became surprisingly transformative and motivational

What is n=1?

2 minute read

When the evidence is scant, the policy is misleading and the result is inversely fantastic

DrupalCon Nashville 2018 Video Playlist

2 minute read

Below is my list of videos to catch up on DrupalCon Nashville 2018. The first is the youtube embed of my public playlist, followed by the exported links for ...


Drupal @ Duke meetup notes

less than 1 minute read

Here are my hastily-assembled thoughts on Drupal 8 for 2017 at Trinity Technology Services.

Vim for writers

less than 1 minute read

Here’s an excellent article on using Vim for narrative writing, as opposed to technical documentation. I love the idea of an immediate editor for the kind of...


Static Sites: Everything Old Is New Again

less than 1 minute read

Despite being an ardent Drupal fan, I also love statically-served sites for many reasons, especially for the freely available static-site services that Duke ...