BA 491 - Assignment 2

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Last update: March 13, 1996

This page describes the second assignment for BA 491. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this page, please send them via email to

Overview of Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is an individual assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have learned to create a WWW page that contains internal links, frames, and tables.

Assignment 2 - Content & Structure

For this assignment, you are required to create a WWW version of your resume that includes frames, internal links, and tables.

Frame Component

I have prepared a version of my own resume that uses frames similarly to the way I want you to use frames. Please examine it before proceeding.

The document should have at least three frames, arranged as follows:

  1. A frame that runs along the top of the screen, does not scroll, and cannot be resized. It should contain your name and contact information, e.g., address.
  2. A vertical frame to the left of the screen that is the index or Table of Contents of your resume. It is a list that contains links to the various sections of your resume. It will scroll (if the document is long enough to require scrolling) and this frame should be resizable by the user.
  3. A second vertical frame that contains your resume.

Internal Links

Your resume should be divided into sections, such as Education, Work Experience, Interests, etc. Each of these sections must be designated as an internal target so that a link can be made to it. Notice in my resume that when you click on a topic in the left frame that the body of the resume in the right frame jumps to the corresponding section. That jump is made possible by placing internal links at each of the section headings in the body of the resume and then linking to them from the table of contents.

Table Component

One part of your resume must be your work experience. Each past job or position should be a row in a table. The table should have three columns: job title, organization, and time periods of employment. This table should have at least three rows, plus a top row that contains column headings. If necessary, include temporary jobs, summer jobs, or even work that you performed while in college or here at FSB. Utilize the "cellpadding" attribute so that you get a nice table.

The following is an example of such a table.

Your e-mail link. You must end your page with a "mailto" link. This link must operate properly in allowing the grader to provide you feedback on your assignment and your resulting points. Using the HTML assistant software, this can be created using the "link" button and selecting the mailto URL prefix.