Digital Media CyberTrends

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Additions to this document since March 25, 1997 are preceded with the icon.

This document contains a list of trends I have identified based upon quotes from managers, professionals, consultants, journalists, futurists, and educators who study media, particularly mass media, and how it's new nature in the digital age. Click on a topic to jump to the corresponding section of the document.

Demise of Television

Rise of Internet TV

Rise of Webcasting

Demise of Printed Newspaper

Rise of Electronic Newspaper

Demise of Printed Book

Rise of the Electronic Magazine

Rise of the Two-Way Video Network

Rise of Web Radio

Rise of Intercast

Demise of Movie Studios

Rise of Digital Television

Demise of Broadcast Media

Demise of Traditional Media

Rise of Choice

Rise of the Culture of Real Virtuality

Revolution in Television Entertainment

Rise of Direct-to-Home Satellite TV

Rise of Camcorder Journalism

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