Digital Marketing CyberTrends

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Additions to this document since March 25, 1997 are preceded with the icon.

This document contains a list of trends I have identified based upon quotes from managers, professionals, consultants, journalists, futurists, and educators who study the changing nature of marketing and how it will be practiced in the digital age. Click on a topic to jump to the corresponding section of the document.

Rise of the Gift Economy

Rise of Interactive Marketing

Rise of Particle Marketing

Rise of Electronic Commerce

Rise of the Locationless Marketing Function

Demise of Old Media

Rise of Mass Customization

Demise of the Middleman

Rise of Disintermediation

Rise of Cybermediaries

Rise of Electronic Department Store

Rise of the Cyberbank

Supermarket as Network

Do Consumers Know What They Want?

High Prices for Web Services

Who’s On the ‘Net?

Advertising on the Internet

Focus on Your Customers' Value-Creating Processes

Rise of Video-on-Demand

Rise of Price Competition

Demise of the Traveling Salesman

Rise of Meta-Information

Rise of Online Marketing Services

Rise of the Virtual Tradeshow

Rise of Internet Time

Rise of the Internet Auction

Rise of Webonomics

Rise of the Global Shopper

Demise of VP of Marketing

Rise of the Universe-of-the-Moment

Rise of Web Selling

Rise of Service Mobility

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